I Can Has Cheezburger?

Incredible Service Dog Takes The Best Care Of His Mom

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    Meet Colt, an amazing service dog

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    When his mom, Janaye Colt, suffered a traumatic brain injury five years ago, it changed her life forever

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    Colt was trained to help her out

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    Colt has not only become Janaye's best friend, but he helps her get around and is able to sense and alert when she's about to have a seizure or pass out.

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    Colt helps move her to a spot where she can lay down about 15 minutes before so she can avoid falling or injuring herself during an episode

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    He also listens to her heart beat, gets her medication and even helps her with the house chores

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    "I am so blessed to have him"

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     "All the rehab/physical therapy and other therapies were easier this time with him by my side. Thank you, Colt."

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    To learn more about what this smart pup does for his human companion, check out the video below


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