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The Beagle Freedom Project Rescues Dogs & Cats From Animal Testing

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    These poor animals were actually formally someone's pet. And when the owner was unable to care for them or keep them, they were given and put in an animal shelter. Unfortunately, in many states (including Texas) labs are allowed to pick up animals from the shelters. The worse part is, once done with there testing, the animals are usually euthanized. 

    Luckily, there's the Beagle Freedom Project.

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    The Beagle Freedom Project negotiates with testing labs until they surrender the animals. The project has been going strong since 2010 and it's main focus is to save as many animals as possible.

    So why specifically name it the Beagle Freedom? 

    Beagle's are the breed of choice for laboratory testing. Why? Because they fit the standard cages and their temperament. Lorna Campbell, Managing Director for the Beagle Freedom Project, spoke to Fox 7; "They are people pleasers and they are very forgiving and they generally don't bite people so unfortunately the thing that makes them wonderful companions are also make them the choice for animal testing," 

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    Campbell stated that, they believe if the animal any type, cat, mice, snake, dog has been the subject of testing and they're healthy at the end of it, there is no need to have them euthanized and they should be given a different ending, "They should be allowed a chance at a life of freedom and comfort, where they can lie on the sofa and watch tv with their new family, where they have a comfortable bed to lie and a yard to run around in and where they can walk around on the grass and feel the sunshine," she said. 

    After an animal is rescued, they are put into a foster family. It is beneficial for the animal as it needs time to recover from all the trauma of being tested on, and regain trust for humans. 

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    The Beagle Freedom Project is going strong and doing all they can to bring awareness and animals to lovely forever homes. They have even developed an app in which allows people to scan barcodes of products and see if it has been tested on animals. The app is called "Cruelty Cutter " and is now available!

    We are happy that these dogs and the cat get a happy ending and are finally free, we just hope more will get to be as happy as them and soon! 


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