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This Man Walks His 9 Adorable Felines in a Baby Stroller All Around Tokyo

  • Meet the “Cat man of Japan”

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    Masahiko Suga is a 55-year-old retired electronics company worker from Japan and the proud owner of 9 furry felines

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  • When he takes his nine pet cats on daily strolls through the city in a baby stroller, he attracts a lot of attention wherever he goes.

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  • But the Cat Man’s motivation for taking his pets out in a stroller evolved from a mere distraction for the pets into a message of equality for cats

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    Most dog owners take their pets out on walks daily, but that rarely happens with cat owners, and Masahiko Suga hopes that his ritual will change that. "I want more people to feel attached to cats and learn how to interact with them. I hope society will eventually give cats the status it gives to dogs."

  • The daily strolls also allow people to interact with his pets, which has a therapeutic effect on both parties.

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  • So cute!


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