Join The New cat Trend “First Caturday”

A new community named "First Carurday" is organizing a monthly social meetings of cats and their owners in public parks around the country. Sounds like fun, right? read all you need to know about this great new trend.

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  • According to the organizer’s website, the benefits for both the kittens and the people are multitude: stimulation, socialization, exercise, and weight loss or in their words, "Walking 'em around outside can burn off that extra chubs”

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  • Though the phenomenon's origins date to an initial meet-up in San Francisco's Dolores Park two years ago this month, the concept has since spread to other West Coast cities, including Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver.

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  • The growing phenomenon is fueled by word of mouth, social media, and the growing awareness that cats are more open to outdoor adventures than conventional wisdom suggests.

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  • The “First Caturday” community has no hierarchy or leadership and it's free, sponsor-less, and open to everyone.

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  • If you bring kitty to First Caturday, all that's needed is the proper catitude, initiative, a leash and/or pet carrier, blanket (or something soft that they like to sit on), and, of course, some treats.

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  • Here are some photos from a meet-up in May at Portland's Laurelhurst Park

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  • The experience was described as positive for both cats and owners, as written by MeowBox:

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    "We found that in the calm atmosphere of the park, the cats seemed to be relaxed and were surprisingly interactive. While the event started slow, more and more visitors came by as the afternoon went on, producing a much larger turn-out than we had expected. Cat owners who brought their kitties were happy to share their fur babies with others, and those without cats were warmly welcomed. Overall the vibe of the event was laid back, positive and inclusive. We already knew that cat people were awesome, and the event reinforced this fact."

  • Want to find the next “First Caturday” near you?

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    Peep this calendar at Facebook for dates and locationsCurrently, there are scheduled assemblies in Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, Portland, Oregon and Mountain View, California.
    Can't find an event in your part of the world? The founders encourage YOU to take the initiative and make it happen!

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