I Can Has Cheezburger?

Guilty Pug Becomes A Hit On Twitter

  • But one Pug couldn't hide his guilt

    Cat - ARRANT Follow Kai Johnson @Kaijohnson_19 Have you ever seen a more guilty pug? 11:26 AM - 9 Jul 2017 223,598 t69,753

    Twitter user kai Johnson's pug, Alfie, clearly couldn't hide his guilt. He knew he had done something bad (like broken all the glasses on the table) and there wasn't a way out! We mean come on, his face says it all! 


    After Kai posted these pictures of the mess her very guily pug had done, many stormed twitter to come to Alflie's defense. 

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  • Twitters Took To Alfie's Defense By Storm

    Text - Kenzie Follow @kvstarr_ Replying to @michaelaahennig @Kaijohnson_19 how could you even get mad at that face 6:37 AM - 10 Jul 2017 82
  • Text - Big Blind @CarlWinsHigh Follow Replying to @Kaijohnson_19 @MareeBeaarr My mans is innocent! 8:16 AM - 10 Jul 2017 t15 436
  • Text - Jenna Bettschen Follow @JennaBettschen Replying to @alisonguggs and 2 others whatever happened the pug is innocent!!!! They always are!!! 12:50 AM - 11 Jul 2017 3
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  • Text - High End Makeup Snob @Vikeejeah Follow Replying to @Kaijohnson_19 How can you not forgive a face like that? 9:54 PM - 10 Jul 2017 1
  • Text - Ronan McCann Follow @SligoChap Replying to @Kaijohnson_19 Clearly, next doors cat got in the window. How you could even entertain the idea that Pugster did it beats me #Pugsterlslnnocent#WasntMe 10:14 AM - 10 Jul 2017 t12 109

    So in conclusion, Alfie the Pug is innocent and should be freed from all charges!

    We think Kai should be ecstatic that Alfie isn't able to hide his guilt, now she will always know if he lied and did something or not, and glad to see so many come to the little guys side!


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