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Watch 11 Puppies Get Rescued From An Underground Cave

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    The Michigan Human Society received a call from a neighbor who had heard some puppies barking in a yard. Once in the area, they realized that the barking was coming from underground. The mom had dug a hole underneath a doghouse. They counted 11 puppies buried underground, which were likely put there to protect them from the bad weather. However, the puppies were unable to get out of the hole on their own. 

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    They first set a dafe trap, hoping to get all the puppies and the mother at the same time. So that they could be together. However, because of potential flooding, they realized they needed a different approach. 

    The Michigan Human Society filmed the rescue, as two workers named Chris and Pam helped saved the puppies.

    Chris is filmed pulling the puppies out of the hole, one-by-one, and handling them over to pam. You can see that the puppies are hesitant at first, but then once out they calm down. 

    "I can't believe how deep this thing is," he said, after pulling out the third puppy. After the 7th puppy is rescued Chris says that the dog was stuck in roots and he was afraid tp pull him too harm and cause injury. (That a long way down!) As they were discussing the next tactic to get the other puppies out, they say the 8th puppy make its way out of the hole. Then the 9th. He then pulls the 10th puppy out. The mother's barking can be hear in the distance, but she isn't moving. Finally, Chris is able to see and pull out the last puppy. 11 in total!

    The mother, however didn't budge. In the meantime they secured the puppies and took them to the shelter for a bath. 

    The mom was eventually coaxed out of the hole and was reunited with her puppies.

  • Watch it all happen here!

    The original video is 35 minutes long, this is the shortened version!


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