Donald Trump Jr.'s Getting Violently Trolled After Receiving His Own Time Magazine Cover

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    What a flattering shot

    Album cover - JULY 24, 2017 LME Sent:ond ne f >To: Donald Trump J Subject: Re: Russia - Clinton-priva tnd conidential Hi Don Let me know wen you a Hillary info you had mentionearearly this.teeeg.wanted to try to schedule a time and dag est to you and famigob coldstone phone about this री This iphone speaksny languages On Jun 3, 2016, at 10:53, Donald Trump wrote: Thanks Rob l apeiate thatnon the nat the momeat perhaps I just ve some time and what yotsay I fove it especlally later in the summer.
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    Text - Bradd Jaffy @BraddJaffy Follow Trump loves to talk about his TIME covers; was reportedly annoyed when Bannon got one This is the new cover: Don Jr. - "Red Handed" 3:54 AM -13 Jul 2017 t1 2,373 5,260
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    Text - Roberto Santiago Follow @robertosan Congratulations! Finally, a real Time Magazine cover that your daddy can post at his golf courses! 5:56 AM-13 Jul 2017
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    Text - Andrew C Laufer, Esq Follow @lauferlaw Oh look, a REAL Time magazine cover... 5:55 AM-13 Jul 2017 t 72 167
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    Text - POWER or WOMEN sO FME Ter Dahald Subje Re Rusia u VA ETY n o Let ine bmow n u Hllary info m odu a a ua ihout thi sirhoce p a nn32010 t onsls T sWEDte Thor Bob 13Pste hat the i the momea pertae 1jus 0 etie rdi wh tkwt ylater mer Codd hen Tam to JESSICA CHASTAIN Red Handed CHELSEA CLINTON 2 GAYLE KING Sertom iny hene THE RUSSIA SCANDAL HITS HOME asi .s BLAKE LIVELY O Jan 3, 20LE a -355 Rob doluston AUDRA MCDONALD vary inaresitg monirgand in th wausi neimitar Emin just calsdd The Crown peecu
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    Text - Holly O'Reilly @AynRandPaulRyan Follow Look where the words "i love it" are. Subliminal Hitler mustache ftw. 4:52 AM - 13 Jul 2017 24 81 >Sent > To: Donald Tp >Subject: Re: Russia Cint-priv d conicemtial HI Don Let me knowenyo d Hillary infoyohad me itonen to schedute a tme and day hSt 16 about this d to try an famm.s. coldstpne This iphone speaks language On Jun 3, 2016 at 105Donald Ta wrote hanks Rob I apiate that e98me tme and what yo hen Tam back t at the mo
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    Text - BreathoftheBandage @E3NintendoBot Follow TIME giving Don Jr an "I love it" Hitler Stache is a nice touch 6:51 AM-13 Jul 2017 t13
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    Face - me knowen yo a ry info hadrie hedule a time and dst about ths ed to try pfhone speaks y anguaner THE 3,2016 at 10s Donald wrot GOOD SON s Rob lan etine and iate that what yots on the ove it ot the momealt perha aly later i surmmer The Trials of Jared Kushner THE Yashar Ali Follow @yashar The four Time Magazine covers that have pissed Trump off the most 5:19 AM - 13 Jul 2017 t1 429 718
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    Poster - AY 24 201 LME >Sent >To: Donald Tp J >>Subject: Re: Russia Cint priv d conficential >Hi Don >> Let me lnowen you Hillary infoyo had me nitOne to schedule a time and dae st to you and rehg.ob Goldstone ohoabout thit wanted to try This iphone speaks y language OnJun 3, 2016, at 10:53, Donald Tump wrote Thanks Rob l apyciate that e some time and what yo hen l am back? >>Bet >> Don the t the momeat perhaps I just fove itecialy later i summer. Could Red Handed THE RUSSIA SCANDAL HITS HOME Se
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