I Can Has Cheezburger?

16 Very Shocked Animals!

  • 1

    "Cat? What Cat?"

    surprised looking dog
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  • 2

    "Oh My!!!"

    shocked looking mouse
  • 3

    "You Can See Me?"

    A very confused and surprised lizard
  • 4

    "This Water Is Freezing!"

    Wide eyed shocked dog surprised in the water.
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  • 5

    "OMG... A Bee"

    Owl surprised by the bee
  • 6

    "What Do You Mean This Isn't My Seat?"

    Cat shocked and sitting on the couch.
  • 7

    "Okay, That's Not What I Expected"

    Surprised Raccoon
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  • 8

    "Ohhh, This Human Looks Funny"

    ooooh face goldfish.
  • 9

    "OMG, A Teddy Bear For Me!"

    Otter is surprised that you got him a Teddy bear.
  • 10

    "Where You Really Taking My Picture While I Was Eating?"

    Wise and Surprised monkey
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  • 11

    "Wooh, That's A Big Bird"

    Cat surprised like he some a big bird or something.
  • 12

    "You Never Said We Were Keeping The Cat!"

    Surprised pug face
  • 13

    "Omg My God Susan."

    Lemur making the OMG Susan face.
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  • 14

    "Is That Food I See?"

    Animals surprised to see food.
  • 15

    "OH Hellls Nah! That's My Food"

    Surprised Cheetah
  • 16

    "This... This Is Such A Surprise... I'm Shocked."

    shocked raccoon pic


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