Art of Trolling

Meet Shane, the Walmart Deli Employee Who Gives His Managers a Major Headache

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    Text - Possible, Close Hot case eorly it nead be, 12 17 Quit ofFering extended Warrantes on the Shane, fried chicken Management Pape 1 of Dles
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    Wanna poll the audience instead?

    Text - CHECK THE SPARK HOURLY PLEASE. Shane, stop asking "Is that yeur Final answer?" and offerng to let them phone. a friend after each order -Management
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    Text - Shane, When a Customer asks uhere to find a product, give them an aisle number, not directions to Albertsons Management er
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    Text - on- Hand count and wre dont get any chickens in. aud teke len.ast at-aes Shane,Stop puting multiple nametags and pretending to have a persortal:ty disorder Management on Tick 3 Bucre
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    Text - Shane, stop implyng Walmart Keeps the ood Stuff in the back Management
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    Text - You're Looking for Haurs talk toSen extra Shane, I Dont Know what Swine craf is but ham cannot building Material Manage ment be sold as a Dil needs to be
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    Stop being such a dummy, Shane!

    Text - on- Hand count and we dot get any chickens in. ard teke henat at as Shane, The Deli is not an appropriat setting to prati ce your ventr: loqu:sm, pleasestop ma king puppets out of the paper BlagsManagement
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    Price tagger device, gently used, $25.00.

    Text - Set aside 2 Lfepper for 5:00 Shane, quitputting price tagson the Del: equipment and tryng to Sellthem to Customers. -Management Oil change and cleat /23/12 Fryer vents
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    Text - kass when you Pull new bulk meat or chee se, pull the plastic sign helder Cif spt is cnply and put t to spart Shane, stop putting Stoner Approved Seals on the friecl chic Ken Management
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    Manufactured in Canada, Nicaragua, Brazil, China, and maybe Ecuador.

    Text - when you pull & new bulk meat or cheese', pull the plastic sign helder Cif spet is cnptySand put to spart Shane, Stop putting out Samples labled as "Mystery meats Management -
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    Text - Suldntiches Denot put Knives In Soapy oater or anyThinn else sharo n Shane Shane, Stop putting "Some assembly requredstickers on the 8-piece chickens
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    Text - Check order every day Slieing is done for the next day. to make Sure Shane, any free Samples you offer must come from the deli department, not electronics! -Management


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