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These Animals Are Loving Their Sweaters...Maybe

  • 1

    Do I look..puggy?

    Pug dog wearing a sweater vest
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  • 2

    Why pink!? She knows I don't like pink!

    Chihuahua wearing a pink knitted vest.
  • 3

    None of the other kids are wearing sweaters...

    Bulldog in a box in the snow wearing a sweater with cute ears.
  • 4

    Yes, yes. I know, I'm adorable

    Cat wearing a sweater top, open in the front to show off some fur
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  • 5

    For me?!

    Baby goat indoors wearing a sweater
  • 6

    It's not too pink, right?

    Cute pug puppy wearing a pink sweater
  • 7

    This kitten looks like an LA soccer mom wearing a knit turtle neck top, in 90 degree weather

    Cute kitten wearing a turtleneck vest
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  • 8

    Get in Betchhhs, We're going Shopping!

    Poodle wearing a frilly pink sweater outfit trying to drive a Toyota with furry seat covers
  • 9

    They get dressed up for dinner.

    Gang of well dressed dogs.
  • 10

    Family Photos, wearing grandmas presents! Sweaters!

    Chickens wearing sweater vests
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  • 11

    Now the cat won't dare to attack!

    Turtle wearing a totally rad sweater that makes him look like mini dinosaur
  • 12

    It might be too big, don't you think?

    Pug wearing a very colorful sweater
  • 13

    What have you done hooman!?!

    Cat wearing a period costume vest
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  • 14

    A hamster in a sweater... need we say more!?

    Adorable little hamster wearing a sweater
  • 15

    You're saying... If I get down, You'll get this sweater off me?

    Cat in a tree wearing a very cool looking sweater


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