20 False Facts You Might've Foolishly Believed Up Till Now

  • 1
    Logo - Salty Water Boils Quicker Adding a sprinkle of salt to water makes no difference. It can actually make boiling take longer.
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  • 2
    Font - Iron Maidens These were never medieval torture devices, but 18th-century fakes were created for sensational circuses.
  • 3
    Logo - Oil Stops Stuck Pasta Nope; it'll only make it greasy. Stirring prevents sticking.
  • 4
    Logo - Vikings' Horns The helmets were created by a costume designer for a 19th-century Wagner opera.
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  • 5
    Hair - Einstein Failed Math Nope. He failed an entrance exam for a school but still excelled in math.
  • 6
    Product - Napoléon Was Short A tall tale. At five six, he was slightly above average height for a Frenchman of the time.
  • 7
    Pink - O O Toads Cause Warts Humans can catch warts only from other humans. Those bumps on toads are just their skin glands.
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  • 8
    Logo - Goldfish's 3-Second Memory While not the smartest creatures, goldfish boast a memory span of three months.
  • 9
    Brain - Only 10% of the Brain Is Used The proportion of the brain "firing" at any one time is task dependent, but ultimately, every region is used almost every day.
  • 10
    Logo - Humans and Dinosaurs Despite 41% of U.S. adults thinking we coexisted, we actually missed each other by 64 million years.
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  • 11
    Text - Don't Eat and Swim This doesn't increase the risk of cramps; alcohol is the biggest risk increaser. But a full stomach will make you short of breath.
  • 12
    Logo - Slaves Built the Pyramids Egyptologists say this ancient construction job was a great honor granted only to respected laborers, who remain entombed near the site today.
  • 13
    Logo - Great Wall of China It's not visible from space. No single human structure is visible from orbit, but you can see cities at night.
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  • 14
    Logo - Alcohol Kills Brain Cells Even in heavy users and alcoholics, brain cells aren't killed, only damaged.
  • 15
    Logo - Adam and Eve Ate an Apple They ate the forbidden "fruit" of the tree of knowledge- nowhere in Genesis does it say it was an apple.
  • 16
    Text - Three Wise Men Nowhere in the Bible does it specify that there were three.
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  • 17
    Text - Left and Right Brain There's no solid division between the talents of each hemisphere; the left brain can learn "right- brain skills" and vice versa.
  • 18
    Text - Van Gogh Cut Off His Ear for a Lover It was just a small piece of lobe, and he did it during a violent spat with Paul Gauguin. Whether Van Gogh then gave it to a local call girl remains unknown. C
  • 19
    Bottle - Alcohol Keeps You Warm It merely dilates warm blood vessels near the skin, creating the impression of warmth. It can actually drop core body temperature.
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  • 20
    Text - Dropped Pennies Kill Terminal velocity of a penny is 30 to 50 mph. Not fast enough to kill-but it sure would sting.


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