8 Myths About Cats... Debunked

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    Cats would lose their sense of balance if they didn’t have whiskers.

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    Via playbuzz

    This is... Not True! Animal Plant has debunked this myth for us, Cats use their whsikers for navigation, moods and figuring out if they can squeeze under the sofa. They are not meant for balance but do have another purpose, and if you cute them your cat will experience pain because the area is rich in nerves and blood vessels. 

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    Cats steal the breath of babies

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    Via buzzfeed

    This is partly true! But not for reasons you might think. Cats are heat and comfort seekers, and babies are the perfect combo. However, the danger comes it a cat covers the babies mouth or nose be its cuddling. Then this would cause breathing problems, especially if the infant is too small to turn away on its own. 

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    Black cats are bad luck

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    Nope, nope and nope. 

    This is more of a superstition than a myth. A many centuries ago, black cats were though to be witches because they were most active at night. People believed that the black cat was actually a reincarnation of witches and did their biddings. 

    Well, time has passed and we think its safe to say that black cats are very much just like all the rest. 

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    Pregnant women must avoid cats

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    Via petfinder

    This is False! 

    Exposure to cats won't harm a developing fetus. What was worrying some was the thought of spreading toxoplasmosis. This is mostly found though in cat feces and the disease can actually cause birth defect. So pregnant women shouldn't be cleaning out the cat litter, well leave that task to someone else.  

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    Cats only purr when happy

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    Purring is one of the first thing kittens learn to do. And although purring is usually done in the times of contentment, purring can mean other things as well. Cats purr to calm nerves when they are frightened or anxious. Also if they are in pain.   

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    Cats hate water

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    Via tumblr

    Yes, its true that many cats hate water but it's because their fur doesn't know how to basically deal with it. 

    Cats are pretty clean, generally, but when the time comes where you have to actually bathe your cat, make sure you take the proper precautions to prevent a slick escape.

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    Cats always land on their feet

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    Think again!

    Cats, although known to always land on their feet, actually do so because of the way their bone structure is. It has the ability to manipulate their body quickly, however that doesn't mean they always land on their feet and go unharmed. Something cats can land awkwardly and suffer some injuries :(

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    Cats are loners

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    This is not fully false. 

    Cats can be raised to be independent and therefore become loners. This is more in the lines of non domestic cats. 

    Cats that have been raised in a household with different animals are more likely to be very sociable. 

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