I Can Has Cheezburger?

Stern Judge Judy Lets A Dog Decide Who The Rightful Owner Is And It's Too Cute!

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    In a recent episode of the Judge's self-titled show, the judge was overseeing a tense custody battle between two co-pet owners who have separated. Each giving their own side of the story and continuously bickering, the judge finally decided that the one to make the ultimate decision should be the canine in question.

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    The stern Judge has a tendency for plot twists in her court room, and after hearing each of the ex-co parents plea their arguments, she insisted that their 4-legged child should be the one to decide for himself, who it beliefs his rightful owner is.

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    And as you can seeā€¦ he surely did! Without even hesitation the little guy ran straight to his dad!

    Looks like this bond will never be broken!


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