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Stunning Story Of A Real Life Mowgli

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    Born in 1990 to wildlife photographer-filmmaker parents, Degré spent the first ten years of her life in Southern Africa. Her parents took infamous photos of her and her experiences with real wildlife animals. Her parents both French wildlife photographers never put her in any danger as all the animals were regarded as tamed.

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    Tippi herself has published books about her experiences with tribespeople, including the San Bushmen and the Himbas, and the region's wild animals.

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    During her childhood in Namibia, Tippi befriended wild animals, including a 28-year old elephant Abu, a leopard nicknamed J&B, crocodiles, lion cubs, giraffes, a northern greater galago, and banded mongoose, an ostrich, meerkats, a baby zebra, a cheetah, a caracal, a snake, an African grey parrot, giant bullfrogs and chameleons. We are pretty sure there were much much more.   

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    When Tippi was 10, her family returned to Paris. Now it might sound a little familiar as a movie we may have seen ... "Mean Girls" ring a bell? Well, don't worry that did happen. Tippi didn't like public schools and so her parents took her back out to be home-schooled. 

    Still living in Paris, and now 24 years old, Tippi has been a genuine national hero in France. She has since been involved in multiple documentaries and projects to raise awareness of the troubles regarding African wildlife. 

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    She continues to be active in the conservation and documentary fields. She is currently the director of "El Petit FICMA," the children's' section of the FICMA environmental film festival.

    Tippi ironically has large shoes to fill, and they are actually her own! She had already made a huge name for herself with the photos her parents had taken of her with wildlife. But we know she can do it!

    Her are just some photos;

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