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Battersea Is Trying to Get Parliament to Adopt Cats For "Mousing"

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    Battersea's Head of Catteries, Lindsey Quinlan said: "Battersea has been hearing persistent reports of mice scuttling around the Houses of Parliament for several years now […] Battersea has over 130 years in rehoming rescue cats, and was the first choice for Downing Street, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and the Cabinet Office when they sought our mousers to help with their own rogue rodents. We'd be more than happy to help the Houses of Parliament recruit their own chief mousers to eliminate their pest problem and restore order in the historic corridors of power."

    Although Whitehall already has five mousers (cats), Parliament has still been left cat less. But, not to fear. Battersea Dogs and Cats home hopes to help. In fact they already have two cats ready for the job;

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    Battersea says: "Top of this lovely seven-year-old's manifursto is spending time with her public and having a fuss - but like many politicians, she also has an independent streak. She's got a proven track record of bringing back presents for her party so she'd be in her element somewhere with plenty of mice. She isn't interested in the company of other cats as long as there are some humans around to spoil her."

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    Battersea says: "This gorgeous ginger tom is a very chirpy chatty boy, so he'd be perfect as the new Speaker of the House. Simba loves to chase and pounce on his favourite toys. He has plenty of energy and will provide his new home with hours of entertainment, although in the right environment he's also keen to settle down and have a cuddle."

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    Anna Turley MP said: "Rather than spend a fortune on pest control why not let nature take its course and have a parliamentary cat or two. It will cheer the place up!"

    Parliamentary staff have also been bringing up the issue for months.

    Responding to a poster which told them ways to help end the mouse infestation - which included advice such as: "Store all your food, tea, coffee etc in lidded containers", one rebellious staff member wrote: "GET US A CAT".

    Well, now its just time to wait and see! 


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