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10 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Cat Lady

  • 1

    Be a crazy cat partner

    Winston from New Girl offers to split leftover past with the cat - GIF

    Your relationship would work if you liked her cat, but if you loved her cat and all cats, that would be awesome.

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  • 2

    Don’t pretend you’re allergic, if you’re not.

    Man sneezing GIF

    If you truly are allergic, you might want to go to your doctor and get a prescription ASAP. 

  • 3

    On the surface, she may appear to be more affectionate with her cat

    Woman holding up cat in GIF

    It may seem like she says, "I love you," more often to her cat than to you, but that's just because there's more weight behind it when she says it to you. She knows that you don't need to hear it all the time, and the cat isn't paying attention anyway. 

  • 4

    Never, ever comment on how she spends too much money on the "fancy" cat food.

    GIF of cat showing affection to a bag of catfood

    Um, how come nobody rips on dog lovers for buying the fancy kibble? I sense a bias here.

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  • 5

    Sleeping arrangements might change a bit

    GIF of cat waking up a human

    If a cat is sleeping next to you either on the couch or on the bed, you need to adjust your body to accommodate the cat. Also, you're going to have to think long and hard if getting up and moving the cat is worth your cat lady's annoyance. There's an unspoken code amongst cat people, and that's "Don't disturb the cat."

  • 6

    There will be things she will tell her cat before telling you

  • 7

    Don't ever try to minimize a medical problem that her cat is having.

    GIF of kitten in a teacup

    Even if the cat is wearing a doofy cone. A good rule of thumb is usually: If she laughs, you can laugh. (The girl, I mean. Not the cat.)

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  • 8

    Dress Accordingly

    subtle gif of man stroking a cat as he is relaxing on the couch.

    Might be time to switch to wearing lighter colors. Black and dark navy are great colors and look good on most people, but cats have fur and they have a tendency to shed. You don't want to get hair all over your Armani slacks, or cat vomit on your Bruno Magli shoes.

  • 9

    A love of felines is usually inherited

    GIF of girl playing with a cat

    If she loves cats, then there's a good chance that the rest of her family does too. You can make extra bonus points with them if you make friends with their cat when you visit. Keep cat treats in your pocket for those times.

  • 10

    That is probably how she will be in 20 years

    GIF of taylor swift with many cats


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