15 Photos That Celebrates the Special Bond Between Dogs and Their Humans

International dog day is a great opportunity to introduce you to a website called "Human + Hound". Photographer Robert Stoetzel has created Human + Hound, a site where he posts a new picture every day of a dog and its human, celebrating the special relationship between each person and his/her dog. Following in the footsteps of the popular Humans of New York series, the photographer captions each photo with a quote that demonstrates the pair's loving bond.

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    Adrian + Mozzarella

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    "Mozzie's mom and I were fostering Mozzi in mid-2016. Two days after she arrived at our apartment, we brought her to a friend's house in the Poconos. Mozz, of course, was the life of the party, and just the sweetest thing you'll ever meet. I recall putting her and her mom to bed the night that we arrived - watching her settle in, comfy as can be, turning in a few circles before she laid down. I knew, even though I wasn't admitting it at the time, that I wouldn't be able to watch another family adopt her."

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    Maxwell + Henry

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    "Henry is not my dog. I've been walking him for two years and he's the most amazing Golden Retriever. He loves skateboarders, so we go to the park every day to watch them skate."

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    Juan + Hemi

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    "He's more like a cat, very standoff-ish - typical Chow. He thinks he's regal"

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    Penny's Search Party + Penny

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    "She was lost and then found within the course of an hour."

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    Savanna + Bentley

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    Looking for an adventure buddy? Look no further, because Bentley is your dude. He has energy for days and is eager to please. Taking walks is his all-time favorite activity and he makes sure to greet each and every passerby along the way!

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    Pete + Bubs

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    "He's a Pit Bull rescue. He got me into training and walking, because of Bubs my love of dogs went through the roof!"

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    Amy + Orion

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    This one-year-old puppy, Orion, is very energetic but quick to settle down on his bed with a good toy. He's eager to learn and very treat-motivated; he already knows sit, down and he is REALLY close to learning roll-over. This young fellow will definitely bring tons of joy and fun to his forever family!

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    Justin + Maverick

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    "After seeing a Pixar short, FEAST, I instantly knew I wanted a Boston Terrier. From there, I found a rescue that had Maverick. He was the runt of the litter and at that moment I had to have him."

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    Robby & Leila + Ziggy

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    "Ziggy was found by our friends, wandering around by himself in downtown LA. They put up signs, and ultimately found the owner - who basically said that they didn't want him anymore, which is crazy because he's such a great dog. Our friends couldn't keep him, so we took him in...it was at the very beginning of our relationship three years ago, so he's been a part of us since the beginning!" 

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    Sydney + Wyatt

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    Wyatt is a true New Yorker, a fact that shines through via his keen fashion sense. He loves to jump and play, stands on his hind legs for an impressive amount of time and can't ever get enough back scratches. EVER!

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    Nicole + Willie & Aracelis + Chula

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    "Chula is 11, Willie is only 2 - Chula runs the show!"

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    Saro + Myrtle

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    "Sweet Myrtle's top two favorite things are people and soft, squeaky toys. She is super affectionate and enjoys nothing more than sitting by your side and getting pets. And the very tip of her tongue sticks out at all times which at first glance seems like a taunt, but really it's not."

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    Tim & Blake + Mary (TBD)

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    "She's such a beautiful little girl! She ran over to us, put out her little paws and looked right up at us with her sweet eyes. We knew that we had to adopt her!"

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    Katie + Otis

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    "For 13 years, everyday, he's been happy to see me. The feeling is mutual....we also both love potato chips. What more could you ask for in a best friend?"

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    Constance + Astro

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    "Astro was brought to the vet to be euthanized because he has epilepsy. The vet realized what a great dog he was and that the disease was completely controllable with medication, so he called us. Astro loves everyone - kids, other dogs, babies...

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