The Best and Worst of FOX's 'Gotham'

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    Selina Kyle Is Basically a Cat

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    You know when you go to a friend's house, and their cat just sits in the corner and stares at you all night long? Yeah, that's all Selina Kyle did the entire episode. We've never seen such a literal interpretation of Catwoman.

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    Robin Lord Taylor's Nose Makes Him The Best Penguin

    It's still years before Oswald Cobblepot will become The Penguin, a crime boss in his own right, so he's not yet fat and just recently got his hobble. Good thing he's got that beak, or we wouldn't get the reference at all.

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    Gordon's Relationship with Bruce Wayne

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    Gotham is best when it took cues from The Dark Knight, i.e. let's explain highly complicated moral ambiguity to a 12-year-old, because you know, he'll get it.

    Gordon becomes the hero Gotham doesn't deserve, but what it needs right now, when he tells a traumatized, pre-pubescent Bruce Wayne all about the city's corruption. It's like he's trying to make Batman.
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    Donal Logue Is Great

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    No jokes here, Donal Logue is just great as Harvey Bullock, Gotham's resident dirty cop. In all of Batman lore, Bullock has never been as nuanced and sympathetic as he is here. Unfortunately, he outshines Ben McKenzie's more cliched portrayal of the goody-two-shoes, Jim Gordon.

    The Worst
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    Edward Nygma is The Riddler, Guys!

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    He might as well have asked, "What does this ham handed inclusion of Ed Nygma as a lab analyst before he's The Riddler add to the show?"

    That's correct, Jim.
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    Poison Ivy... Really?

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    They jumped the shark in the first episode. Either this little girl will learn to manipulate plants and kill Jim Gordon by the third season (of this hyper realistic crime drama), or this is just a throw away Easter Egg that makes no sense. Both options are horrible.

    Seriously, they even got the name wrong. Poison Ivy isn't actually named Ivy, she's Lillian Isley, get your stupid reference right, Gotham.
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    Jim Gordon Gets Way Too Poetic

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    It's like everytime Gordon opens his mouth, he's saying something way too over-dramatic.

    What should you do when your first case is a double homicide that leaves a child an orphan? Crappy Dumbledore speech. How long has he been holding onto that horrible metaphor?

    The quality of the pilot was definitely a pleasent surprise, but we're still not completely convinced. We'll have to watch more next Monday at 8:00 PM on FOX.


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