9 Times The Beatles Trolled Interview Questions

  • 1
    George Harrison commenting to a reporter on how success has changed his life.
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  • 2
    Beatles snorting a coke bottle
  • 3
    John Lennon asked how he found America and he says Turned left at Greenland.
  • 4
    Reporter asking Paul McCartney about how often he sees his father.
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  • 5
    Ringo giving smartass answer about his political affiliations
  • 6
    Paul McCartney deadpans the answer when asked about Day Tripper and Norwegian Wood.
  • 7
    Beatles encouraging those in the cheap seats to clap their hands and the rest of the folks to rattle their jewellery
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  • 8
    Beatles banter on camera
  • 9
    John Lennon telling a reporter that Ringo isn't the best drummer in the world, he isn't even the best drummer in the Beatles.
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