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10 Fictional Cats We Wish We Could Spend National Cat Day With

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    The Catbus

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    Oh, the places we could go! Imagine how soft and warm a ride in the catbus would be, too. Or maybe it would be weird, being inside a cat and all. Just think of it as repayment for all the times your cat lays on your lap.
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    Salem Saberhagen

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    Okay, so he's really a warlock trapped in the body of a cat and 90% of the time he's just a terrible puppet, but Salem Saberhagen has all the sass and attitude of a real cat and that just makes me love him more. Plus, where would any good teenage witch be without a black cat for a companion?
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    Fairy Tail's Happy is the ultimate fish and fun loving sidekick. Plus, he can fly!
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    Do you know the story of Meowth? Poor dude has had a pretty hard life.

    When he was but a wee lad, Meowth was a starving cat on the streets who moved to Hollywood in search of food. There he joined a gang, and fell in love with another Meowth named Meowzie who rejected him for being a "street Meowth," too low for her standards. To win her over, Meowth learns to walk on two legs and teaches himself to speak to appear human, but Meowzie still rejects him and calls him a freak, which leads him to Team Rocket.

    I mean honestly, how cool is this cat? He taught himself to speak. What more could you want? I'm on team Meowth.
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    Fun fact: Jiji's personality is very different dependent on which version of Kiki's Delivery Service you watch. In the original Japanese version, Jiji is cautious and helpful, whereas the American Jiji is sarcastic and sassy.
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    Professor McGonogall as a Cat

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    Professor McGonogall is one cool cat regardless of whether or not she happens to currently be a feline.
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    If there's anyone cooler than Jake the Dog, it's his gender (and species) swapped counterpart Cake the Cat. She's an amazing partner and protector, and her tail gets frizzy when she's scared.
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    Luna and Artemis

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    Every sailor scout needs a cat guardian and adviser. Scratch that sailor scout part; everyone needs a cat guardian and adviser. Everyone.
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    If you don't think Data and his cat Spot are just the cutest odd couple in existence, well, I don't know what your deal is but you probably don't have a heart.
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    Puss in Boots

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    Extra bonus points if he comes with Antonio Banderas' voice. I've never had more faith that a cat's claws could keep me safe.

    While we may not be able to hang out with any of these awesome fictional felines today, you can have adorable kittens delivered directly to you and take an Uber with your new furry friends!

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