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Featured Fur Monsters Sasi and Shigi

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    The story begins with a long move and some old friends

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    I was living in Lancaster, Pa. with 7 Chocolate labs, 1 black lab, a schnauzer and a parrot. It was not unusual for my husband to bring home strays. One night Dave was working a late shift. When he got home, I found that he had brought a kitten. I fell in love with this tiny, furry bundle of sweet. I named her Aja. She was my constant companion along with my schnauzer, Tuborg, and my parrot, Bacall. I took them everywhere and this, of course, included my move from Pennsylvania back home to North Carolina.
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    Aja was my companion and a reminder of home

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    Tuborg and Bacall passed soon after my move, but Aja was strong and a living memento of my life in Lancaster. Every day after work I'd come home, grab a book and a glass of wine and go to my reading room. I'd lay a blanket across my lap and Aja would show immediately. She'd vault to my lab and start her push me-pull me's while purring. Life was good.

    One day I couldn't find her anywhere. For three days I frantically searched and finally found her out in the garage at the bottom of a box she couldn't get out of. I heard a weak mewl. I rushed her to the vet who said she wouldn't make it through the night. He was wrong. When I called the next morning, I could hear his staff crying because she was strong and seemingly fit. She never once looked sick but the vet said her kidneys were shot and at the age of 20, looking not a day past five, she crossed the Bridge.
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    In a time of mourning enter Sasi and Shigi

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    I mourned Aja terribly. She was the last grasp of my life in Lancaster. She was in all my memories of so much of my life. I went to work, but cried constantly. My people would re-direct those who came in to see me because I couldn't handle it. After three months of this, I knew the only thing that would stop me was to get another cat. I searched the internet and found two Himalayans who had just been born. They were gorgeous. I fell in love.
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    And we lived disgustingly happy ever after

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    I wasn't allowed to have them til they were twelve weeks old but I could visit. Feeling silly, I did just that and am glad I did. I drove and hour and a half each way once a week. During the week she sent me photos of them. I picked them up on my birthday, October 28th. It was instant love. They are now the only pets I have and I am satisfied. Sasi, because she is and Shigi (shy guy) because he is are elegant and arrogant. Pure cat. They are now eight years old and we are a disgustingly happy family.

    Thanks for sharing your story NCcharmer, our hearts are all a bit warmer for it. Happy belated birthday too!

    If you liked this new feature and want to share a story of your own, leave a comment on this blog post!

    I'll leave you all with a goodbye from Shigi, who is doing his best to look (adorably) mean.


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