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5 Reasons The Walking Dead Shouldn't Have Killed Beth Greene

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    1. She Finally Became a Bad-Ass, Like Her Old Man

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    After three seasons of suicide attempts, boyfriends and the occasional song, Beth was finally stepping out of her family's shadow and owning her life.

    Plus she finally started protecting herself.
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    2. She's a Better Drinker Than Anyone Else

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    We've been drinking for years, and we don't think we could handle this homemade cocktail as well as Beth did:

    Isn't that what you want from your angsty teenaged characters?
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    3. They Sunk My Ship

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    What couple am I supposed to root for now!? Maggie and Glenn? Rick and Michonne? Eugene and his peeping fetish?

    Alright, I guess there's still enough romance to go around.
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    4. Daryl Deserves a Win

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    Daryl just can't catch a break. The hope that brought him out of the prison's fall, just got cut short. But, people do love that weird crying face he makes:

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    5. I For One Will Miss The Singing

    No more will we have a tense showdown in one storyline halted for 3 or 4 minutes of Beth singing morosely in the dark. It literally was everyone's favorite part of the show.
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    Maggie, Daryl and The Rest Have Another Martyr to Keep Fighting For...

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    There may be no cure (thanks, Eugene), but the group has to keep living anyway. Maybe Beth's sacrifice will keep them alive a little while longer.


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