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UK Hotel Chain Offers a Five Star “Happy Tail” Packages For Dog Owners

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    The fear of leaving your fur baby behind is a thing of the past as Mercure Hotels has introduced an exclusive ‘Happy Tails’ package at selected dog friendly hotels around the UK.

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    Owners can book for their dogs to join them at 42 selected Mercure hotels for up to £15 per night.

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    The four legged friends will receive an exclusive welcome gift of Doggy Popcorn on arrival when staying, for a limited time only.

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    Visitors can choose from a dog-friendly menu including Salmon Sashimi, Beef Tartare and roast chicken dinner.

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    The meals are so fancy that even humans can eat them. The dog food menu even comes with "tasting notes", which tell pet owners the health benefits of each meal.

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    The pampered pooches will also be provided with their own kennel shaped luxury bed and a full access to hotel grounds.

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