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The Best Video Game Music of 2014

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    Child of Light (Composer: Coeur de Pirate)

    In no particular order we start off with Child of Light. With a heavy dose of piano, strings, and woodwinds carrying the narrative weight, the songs have a lasting impact.
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    Transistor (Composer: Darren Korb feat. Ashley Barrett)

    Darren Korb made a lovely soundtrack with Bastion and Transistor is just as wonderful. The music is a part of the game and the game is a part of the music. Listening to it by itself doesn't have the same impact.
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    Hearthstone (Composers: Peter McConnell and Jason Hayes)

    Hummable and soothing, Hearthstone's music fits a digital card game impeccably.
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    Bravely Default (Composer: Revo)

    Reviving and refining JRPGs, Bravely Default has the soundtrack to match the classics. There's a perfect track for every moment in the game.
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    Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U (Composers: Various)

    Although reliant on remixes, medleys, and classic tracks, Super Smash Bros. 4 is one of the greatest soundtracks ever assembled.
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    Shovel Knight (Composer: Jake Kaufman)

    You have to give respect to creating a soundtrack that relies on tradition without sounding boring or rehashed. Press play, close your eyes, and go back to the NES era.
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    Destiny (Composers: Michael Salvatori, C Paul Johnson, Martin O Donnell, & Paul McCartney)

    One of the few shining lights in the darkness that is Destiny. From optimistic melodies to blood pumping percussion, Destiny's score is one of the finest.
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    Divinity: Original Sin (Composer: Kirill Pokrovsky)

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    Bayonetta 2 (Composer: Masami Ueda)

    Bayonetta 2 has really fun songs that get you pumped. The soundtrack not only complements the crazy action, but also Bayonetta's stylish, fast, and powerful nature.
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    Crypt of the Necrodancer (Composer: Danny Baranowsky)

    With a soundtrack like this your heart will never skip, skip, skip, a beat.
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    Dragon Age: Inquisition (Composer: Trevor Morris)

    Dragon Age: Inquisition has the best soundtrack in the series. From epic tracks like the main theme to the adorable tavern songs, the music brings the world to life.
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    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Composer: David Wise)

    David Wise returns! Instead of pumping the game full of remixes, David Wise provided a soundtrack that manages to evoke timeless nostalgia simply on account of masterful composition and production.
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    Mario Kart 8 (Composers: Various)

    Mario Kart 8's soundtrack is a jazzy, groovy, action packed soundtrack that makes the races all the more colorful. The renditions of classic songs are nothing short of amazing. Dat Sax.
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