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Time To Take In A Dose Of Cute Cats In The Form Of Purrfect Felines Napping In Their Favorite Places

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    "My sweet dani girl loves to sleep like this"


    Of course this is the position that she loves to sleep in. Just- of course. Cats only have two versions of a "favorite sleeping position" - the cute poses and the funny poses. And this one… might be one of the funniest that we have ever seen. 

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    And this is, of course, the cute version. How wholesome is it that when we ask what your cat's favorite sleeping place is, the first thing that comes up into your mind is: "me!" These are some of the best moments with cats. The cute and the funny. 

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    "This is Turnip. She's the queen of the house and my sweet baby girl. She's also a total diva"

    Cheezburger Image 10356630528
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    "Alfie in his sunny spot in the catio"

    Cheezburger Image 10356630784
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    "Sunshine on my bed in the afternoons, is where I'll find Mango"

    Cheezburger Image 10356631552
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    "He loves a good paper bag."

    Cheezburger Image 10356631296
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    "Mocha and Latte, Sometimes under my arms each"

    Cheezburger Image 10356631040
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    "Punky curls up on me. She comes and hold my hand when Im in bed sick (chronic illness) or feeling upset. If Im out of bed, she wants me to pick her up and carry her around like a baby."

    Cheezburger Image 10356632064
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    "This is Jack. His favorite spot is a lap. But the way he was sleeping was adorable! One of our rescue babies in the catio."

    Cheezburger Image 10356632576
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    "Two of my cats love napping in this stuffie net."

    Cheezburger Image 10356632320
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    "My Baby sleeps at my feet every night after I get home from work."

    Cheezburger Image 10356633344
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    "On me, of course!"

    Cheezburger Image 10356633856
  • 13

    "Scruffy, Tigger and Buttercup"

    Cheezburger Image 10356634112
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    "Behind the love seat up against the heat vent. We finally had to put a heating pad and a bed for her back there!"

    Cheezburger Image 10356632832
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    "Tenny snuggled up on her favorite blanket!"

    Cheezburger Image 10356633088
  • 16

    "On my heating pad, even when it's off. I had to get one just for her!"

    Cheezburger Image 10356633600
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    "My soulmate, sometimes my hat, sometimes my scarf, sometimes my vest, leg warmers or sleeves. Now sadly gone but can never be forgotten. I still love her so much. There will never be another Nessie"

    Cheezburger Image 10356634368
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    "Please turn the light back off, I be sleeping. This is Oreo."

    Cheezburger Image 10356635904
  • 19

    "In one of her boxes."

    Cheezburger Image 10356635136
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    "Oscar first morning when I’m home after some days at working"

    Cheezburger Image 10356634624
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    "Before he went over the rainbow bridge in 2015, this was his favorite way to sleep. Just like me… buried under the covers but with a foot out for cooling."

    Cheezburger Image 10356634880
  • 22

    "This is Stevie Feets. She has 4 cat trees and a dozen other places to sleep."

    Cheezburger Image 10356635392
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    "Bella the queen and house supervisor"

    Cheezburger Image 10356636160
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    Cheezburger Image 10356635648


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