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Top 20 Cat Memes of The Week - Cheezburger Users Edition #348

  • 1
    09 Let me out of here! I'm innocent! I didn't do anything that chihuahua didn't like!

    We have been falsely accused, where is our right to a fair trial? That chihuahua is framing us, we all know that chihuahuas are actually the bad ones, right? They're always barking for nothing, you have to believe us!

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  • 2

    Sigh, hoomans, you have one job - to feed us at regularly scheduled intervals. If you can't even do that, we really are going to have to take over the planet. If you can't even do this one job, how can you rule the world?

  • 3
    Look, I didn't give you this twenty, & you didn't leave me alone with the puppy, okay? 20 DEVILDO HARS 20 ICANHASCHEEZBURGER.COM 20
  • 4
    Let the offender Be brought before me
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  • 5
    There was a bird. Unfortunately there was also a screen.
  • 6
    I'll take one of those sausages, put it on my owners bill.... FRONT
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  • 7
    How many points do I get if I put down 'goldfish'? He's only missing his tailfin. ICANHASCHEEZBURGER.COM
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  • 8
    Me at gym! Bench pressing.
  • 9
    MACHINE It fits!
  • 10
    What's the biggest gamble a human can take? O Um - betting everything on '7' at a roulette table? No, buying an expensive cat toy and hoping kitty will use it.
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  • 11
    Theard you were looking for a cute kitty... ...will I do?
  • 12
    Better than Jooking OVER his shoulder!
  • 13
    Thinking of taking a job as a renovator and designer ४ L E ...proven record! F
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  • 14
    And now I shall sing you an opera called "It's 2 am, Wake Up & Feed Me"
  • 15
    Wow you're really playing hard to get.. Bruh, I really don't like you. I'm not playing.
  • 16
    My favorite thing about giving great advice is having the audacity to do the exact opposite in my own life.
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  • 17
    Please don't be rude to me, because my rude will outrude your rude and I'll make you cry.
  • 18
    How do they work these things out! 5 TCE
  • 19
    I'm innocent! The dog did it!
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  • 20
    Come back later Els-supervising noms preparation right now.


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