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Silly Animal Memes And Snaps To Help Start Your Day Off With A Splendid Smile (June 13, 2024)

  • 1
    It's licking me right now, isn't it

    Hey, considering how much dogs lick their owners, we think that it's only fair that some of them get to experience the feeling back sometimes. And the dog's face says it all, doesn't it? "This is weird," it says, "but it's also kind of cute, and I won't try to stop it."

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  • 2
    Girlfriend woke her ferret up by coming into the room loudly and was greeted with these absolute daggers

    We love this. No, we really, really do. Because our pets do this to us all the friggin' time. They wake us up with no shame and no regrets, ruining our sleep without any concern for our grumpiness. We love it when it happens to cats and to dos, and apparently, to ferrets as well. 

  • 3
    The animal handlers at the Oregon Zoo took Elephant around to meet some other animals. The sea lions were her favorite
  • 4
    An owl found his way into my house last night. A good friend of mine that liked owls passed away a year ago. That was his RC car, fly rod, his picture underneath and the program to his funeral underneath the RC car VOLCANO
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  • 5
    A gorilla flipped me off So I flipped him off in return He was very offended
  • 6
    This duck thinks he's a flamingo. "When in Rome...".
  • 7
    ↑ Bat Sleeping Please use other Door Sleepy boye
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  • 8
    One of the alpacas on my school farm gave birth yesterday. Nugget the chicken is her godmother
  • 9
    The Marilyn Monroe of pigeons
  • 10
    Two baby weasels pause for a photograph while scampering across a scenic road in the Scottish Highlands
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  • 11
    AMERICAN CLASSIFIEDS FREE ETOO T SETO Got some unexpected guests She was looking at the sunglassed and the chips. I was laughing so hard SUNGLASSES AMERICAN CLASSIFIEDS About 30 minutes later, here comes the deer again with her whole family UNGLASSES
  • 12
    Mrs Meesqueaks likes to nibble my fingernails, but holds my fingers still to be sure she doesn't hurt me. If I say "ouch," she stops and licks the finger instead!
  • 13
    This person tried to unlock your Phone 2018/02/06 5:51 This person tried to unlock your phone
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  • 14
    What kind of agreement do you think these feathery f**ks came to?
  • 15
    Owls were born on my colleague's windowsill a few weeks ago and I. Just. Can't. Even.
  • 16
    I can never get a nice picture of them all together
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  • 17
    Recently, every morning my father places bird food in the yard for my mother to wake up on this view
  • 18
    Somebody spilled their marshmallows
  • 19
    PARAGON & A man with two dogs in his pockets, walking a duck wearing shoes
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  • 20
    Cheetos Crunchy Those are mine, look at the bag it says my name
  • 21
    My mom just sent me this picture of a squirrel sitting in a tiny chair in a tree eating a cob of corn
  • 22
    There's always a safer route, especially with two baby moose
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  • 23
    I went to the store to buy a fish.... meet Fish
  • 24
    I think I found the happiest lamb of all time


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