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23 Captivating Cat Posts For Feline Pawrents Who’ll Do Anything To Avoid Work

  • 1

    "Cat for president"

    This is what the founding fathers intended. @formal_trackpants @the_pizzacat

    One might even argue that this is what every ruling class intended throughout history. Yet somehow, other than with the ancient Egyptians the instructions got lost in translation at some point. Conspiracy theories have suggested the involvement of aliens, dogs, or dog aliens, which would explain a lot about the course of hooman history. 

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  • 2


    Become ungovernable @the_pizzacat
  • 3

    "This should be the New normal"

    Stop normalizing the hustle and start normalizing being a cozy, sleepy lil guy @the pizzacat

    This is so incredibly true that it really should be included in public policies for presidential candidates. It would certainly capture the attention of the voters and would probably be even more favorable than scrapping college tuition fees. And if they were to attach an amendment to it that included the right of every hooman to be bestowed a companion cat for their cozy time, then it would be a landslide victory. 

  • 4

    "Winner’s circle"

    Me every weekend: @the_pizzacat
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  • 5

    "Ready to go"

    When mom texts: I'm almost home be ready to help bring the groceries in. @the_pizzacat
  • 6

    "The scientific term for a full belly is a snack pack."

    Lettin that snack pack hang after a big meal @the_pizzacat
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  • 7

    "Gotta do what you gotta do sometimes."

    When you're full but need to eat the whole. cake tonight so you can start eating healthy tomorrow @the_pizzacat
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  • 8

    "You don’t make the rules"

    No one is home. No one to tell you to wear pants. @the_pizzacat
  • 9

    "This is true"

    Me: :( My cat: (>0.0<) Me: :) @the_pizzacat
  • 10

    "Cmon. Jump up. Cmon. You can do it."

    How I look when I'm trying to get cat to jump up on the bed. @the_pizzacat
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  • 11

    "Does Balboni still run this sht?"

    *Slaps side of truck* I've got those 6.5 foot cables for you where should I drop them off? @the_pizzacat
  • 12

    "Dusting my crops"

    Me walking by all of the desks at work after eating a double bean burrito for lunch @the_pizzacat
  • 13

    "Cats are real ones"

    No one remembered my birthday. My cat felt bad and did something special for me. @the_pizzacat
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  • 14
    I got faith in you and I So put your pretty little hand in mine @the_pizzacat
  • 15

    "Chicken nugget millionaire"

    If my cat won the lottery he wouldn't tell anyone but there would be signs @the_pizzacat
  • 16

    "Become ungovernable"

    Never let them see your next move @widgetthemidget2020 @the_pizzacat
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  • 17

    "I hope this email finds you well"

    This is how your email finds me @the_pizzacat
  • 18

    "The ol razzle dazzle witch stuff "

    SOS baked bean down @the_pizzacat
  • 19


    Told my cat no. Flipped me the middle bean @the_pizzacat
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  • 20

    "The mean bean"

    @the_pizzacat 911, I haven't eaten in hours. Please send help. - hule RETURN G E
  • 21

    "Drastic times call for drastic measures"

    Happy Mother's Day to all the cat moms! @the_pizzacat
  • 22

    "You’re doing great!"

    Right before my cat starts asking for second breakfast @the_pizzacat
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  • 23

    "The ol razzle dazzle witch stuff "

    Me riding in on a broomstick to do some real witchy st @the_pizzacat


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