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Wild Perfectly-Timed Animal Pictures That Prove The Animal Kingdom Is Full Of Adorable Derps

  • 1

    "Fish - Man - Dog"

    Cheezburger Image 10361991936

    Oh, there is so much about this photo that we love. Everything from the flying fish, to the dog's expression, to the man's completely unassuming face and position. No one expected the fishes to fly that day, and we know for a fact that there was chaos a moment after this picture was taken. 

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  • 2

    '"This is my fish!"'

    Cheezburger Image 10361991424

    Maybe chaos is what all of these pictures have in common, actually, because we're pretty sure that there was chaos during the moment that this picture was taken. And really, you may think that you know who won this tug-of-war, but we don't. It could be either of them. 

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    "Dramatic bird selfie"

    Cheezburger Image 10361992192
  • 4

    "Tried to get a selfie with Beetle."

    Cheezburger Image 10361992704
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  • 5

    "I tried to get a photo of my dog in a hat, he had other plans"

    Cheezburger Image 10361992448
  • 6

    "Moments before he threw up cat sh*t on me.. this is the scariest picture I’ve ever seen in my f**king life"

  • 7

    "A butterfly atop Mt Rainier"

    Cheezburger Image 10361993728
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  • 8

    "This goose flying at our car"

    Cheezburger Image 10361993472
  • 9

    "The second before a dog fight."

    Cheezburger Image 10361994240
  • 10

    "Taking a picture of my kid doing a “trick” and the dog felt left out."

    Cheezburger Image 10361993984
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  • 11

    "The moment lunch was stolen."

    Cheezburger Image 10361994496
  • 12

    "Friends flash went off and split the picture"

    Cheezburger Image 10361994752
  • 13

    "Just a pic that my friend took down at the beach the other day..."

    Cheezburger Image 10361995008
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  • 14

    "My parents' new pupper misjudged his jump"

    goow 44
  • 15

    "Eclipse on a Bird's Wing"

    Cheezburger Image 10361995264
  • 16

    "Lost Footing"

    Cheezburger Image 10361996288
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  • 17


    Cheezburger Image 10361996032
  • 18

    "My friend's dog sneaking it's tongue into his mouth while he was laughing."

    Cheezburger Image 10361995776
  • 19

    "Iguana leap!"

    Cheezburger Image 10361996800
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  • 20

    "This deer"

    Cheezburger Image 10361998592
  • 21

    "Bumblebee carrying the sun"

    Cheezburger Image 10361998848
  • 22

    "The meeting between my nephew and a bison, besties"

    Cheezburger Image 10362000128
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  • 23

    "Im'a kill you."

    Cheezburger Image 10361999104
  • 24

    "This dog trying to catch the ball"

    Cheezburger Image 10361999616
  • 25

    "Sacrificing dinner for being a sick acrobat!"

    Cheezburger Image 10361999872


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