10 Unethical Life Hacks That'd Never Cross Your Mind

  • 1
    Lifehack for when the kids are playing in the street, making noise
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  • 2
    unethical lifehack of buying something at the store, then returning it and buying it back from the 30% off rack
  • 3
    Life hack of calling into work because of family problems, not sick.
  • 4
    Lifehack of searching obituaries to find good car from family of the deceased.
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  • 5
    lifehack of what to do if you ever have to bury a body.
  • 6
    Lifehack of using flat tire picture to skip work
  • 7
    Lifehack of going on craigslist and sending a bunch of low offers before calling up with reasonable offer.
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  • 8
    Life hack of how to find out if she is a cop
  • 9
    Lifehack of spilling some water in the seat in front of you to prevent anyone sitting there.
  • 10
    Parking lifehack of getting your tire rotation which is cheaper than parking


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