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Meet The Incredible Nurse Cat Who Looks After Animals At The Vet Clinic

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    Radamenes was treated at this vet clinic few months ago but as soon as he recuperated, he’s returning back the favor to fellow patients

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    This angel little cat cuddles massages and cleans other animals that are still being treated.

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    He’s one super cat that looks after the entire animal center.

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    Obviously, Radamenes does not care about breed and color. All he does is ensuring the safety of his fellow felines.

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    Whenever he sees any animal that is scheduled for operation, he never thinks twice in offering his comfort and soothing paws to caress and show his care.

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    Purrs make all the sickness go away - Many believe that his amazing purr sound makes all the difference. It gives a calming effect on the nervous patient.

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    He even became a sensation among the local community

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    People are getting curious about his nursing duties at the clinic and even visit him for good luck.


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