Everyone Needs to Keep Calm and Listen to This Lemur

Sometimes we all get way to stressed out over nothing. And we need anyone to tell us to CALM DOWN! But, who said that it had to be a human to do it? Luckily, we have other ways to get sound advice and wisdom... Lemurs. The people of Bright Side decided to try and listen to their advice. And now its our turn! 

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    First of all, chill

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    Really, stop worrying over nothing

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    ..And about everything else, for that matter

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    Turn that frown upside down

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    Via hudong

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    Dealing with your problems really isn’t that difficult

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    If you’re tired — get some sleep!

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    It’s okay to say ’no’ from time to time

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    Get a grip!

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    Via smugmug

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    And don’t forget to say ’thank you’!

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    Via media3

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    Face the future with confidence

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    Via newsbay

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    Holidays are great, enjoy them!

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    Via static2

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    Keep the romance alive

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    Via siryx

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    Eat more fruits and veggies

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    Via 24sata

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    Meditate your way to happiness

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    Via bm.img

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    Seize every opportunity

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    Keep fit

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    Via /imgur.

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    Take risks

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    Via © tehron

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    And then your life will get brighter

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    And you’ll be happy!

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    Via © d-cd
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