I Can Has Cheezburger?

These Cats Just Love To Snuggle

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    Look how they just love be next to each other

    cats cuddling - grey and white kittens snuggle up
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  • 2

    And it doesn't matter who it is!

    cat cuddling with white dog under fluffy pillows and blanket
  • 3

    No matter what

  • 4

    They won't let go

    cats cuddling - Cat - snte esd Mo ana Aile gola Evn tiou nichs th adsaing Tho pel the rest of his group, incla He desifa is ot enoaph for Thorin, esively distnatful Alerwands, the town was destroyed and winter Mountain where the dwarves were for shelter and gr they helpd the dwanves on their journey (which Ar the same time the wood efves an procious fanily pems that Smaug had easly so they broaght their army. Meanahile the king Tho looking for the Arch-Stone, g crary just ike hi
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  • 5

    Even if one is wide awake

    kittens cuddling up on the bed
  • 6

    They can snuggle with anything

    kitten cuddling with a turtle
  • 7

    And in any position

    kitten cuddling with a cat
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  • 8

    up... a dog too!

    cat cuddling with dog
  • 9

    Even to just keep others company!

    dogs and a cat snuggling up by the window
  • 10

    Okay... maybe not all of them like to snuggle

    cat and kittens hugging and cuddling


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