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10 Examples of How Coming Out Can Be Short and Sweet

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    Love Fits Well in Those Little Moments

    Black - I told my dad I'm trans He told me he loves me
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    Coming Out With a Song!

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    I Had No Idea You Could Come Out and Say Bro at the Same Time

    Text - I like boys. this is so embarassing for me to say but that's my secret and I was so scared of telling because best friend bro and I your my don't want you to think im weird and just leave or anything 20:46 Bro we hav been friends for 3 years and im glad you told me this. Who the fuck cares what people are going to say? Youre awessome no matter what bro and im happy that your my best friend. Dont be ashamed theres nothint to be embarrassed about. As a bro im gonna stick by you. Aint nothin
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    Coming Out to Captain Obvious

    Text - Dad Messages Edit Meeple Mupple Dad I'm gay I had sex with your mom Huh? Sorry. I thought we had switched to saying things that were stupidly obvious Send
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    Easy and Breezy

    Text - how I 'came out me: has a girl as my phone background* mom: who's that? me: my girlfriend. mom: oh okay and that's that
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    Keeping it Simple, Elegant and Adorable

    Text - was in the 3 rd when grade thought that was but no am
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    Dad Has More Pressing Matters

    Text - breathingtheatre Follow How I came out to my Dad: (Dad is grilling chicken and I am sitting alone outside with him) Me: Dad I like girls, too. Dad: Seriously? Me: Yup, have since the hormones kicked in. Dad: Figures. But the "no sex in the backseat of your car" rule still applies. Me: Okay. Dad: Do you think I should add more barbecue sauce? #bi #bisexual # sexuality #COMING OUT #coming out story #parents #dad #c 144 notes
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    This Is How You Know You've Got Good Friends

    Text - 1X 2:04 PM |I It's especially awkward because banged my TA last week 12:32 PM Nice was she hot 1:37 PM Actually the TA was a guy 1:53 PM Nice was he hot 1:55 PM Yah I'd say he's pretty fit. 1:56 PM Killing it 1:57 PM Do you want to pick up the alcohol for this weekend or should i
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    Lyrics Can Help You Say How You Feel

    Text - iPod 12:05 AM Jeff Messages Edit Email FaceTime Contact Feb 7, 2015, 12:04 AM Making my way downtown Walking fast Faces pass And I'm bisexual Delivered
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    Coming Out to Your Siblings Is Better Than Being Left Behind

    Text - Sis Messages Edit Hey I need to tell you something... What is it? You ok? Well... Umm I don't know how to tell you and I haven't told mom or dad ye... OMG are you gay thats so cool I can help you tell mom and dad WHAT?! Well yes but I was texting you because you left me at target OMG YAY!! Wait oh....S thought I forgot something I'll be right there don't tell mom or dad sorry also we need to talk to mum and dad Send


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