Here Are The Finalists Of The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2017

Prepare yourself for some rib-tickling laughter 

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  • 1

    A wild rabbit seen collecting nesting material in Belgium Flanders, Bredene, Belgium.

    Mountain Cottontail

    Photo by Olivier Colle/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

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  • 2

    A tiny chameleon who didn’t quite understand how its camouflage mechanism suppose to work in Ramat-Gan, Israel.

    Plant stem

    Photo by Nadav Begim/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

  • 3

    This photo was taken on an expedition to Antarctica in January 2017 on Cuverville Island. A large breeding colony of Gentoo penguins live on this island. In the picture you can see them grooming, but it looks like they all have no head


    Photo by Monique Joris/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

  • 4

    A sea otter pictured cheering after sleep in early morning in Elkhorn Slough, California.


    Photo by Penny Palmer/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

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  • 5

    Three king penguins approach the only church on South Georgia Island appearing to be headed for services. Titled as Mom, do we always have to be the first ones at church?

    Mountainous landforms

    Photo by Carl Henry/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

  • 6

    A baby lemon shark shows a big smile in front of the camera, taken in Bimini, the Bahamas.


    Photo by Eugene Kitsios/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

  • 7

    Looks like the diet worked! Gnu and shadow at the watering hole at the hide in Mkhuze Park, South Africa.


    Photo by Paulette Struckman/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

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  • 8

    A squirrel pictured scratching himself in Gothenburg, Sweden


    Photo by Johnny Kaapa/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

  • 9

    A Calumma nasutum, the nose-horned chameleon seen dancing on the end of a branch in Andasibe, Madagascar.


    Photo by Jasmine Vink/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

  • 10

    While in Tembe Elephant Park helping track endangered species (including the wild dogs) we came across this pack of African Wild Dog playing and lounging on this sand road. Apparently there was a pretty good joke told! in Tembe Elephant Park. South Africa


    Photo by Tina Stehr/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

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  • 11

    The mother bear and the boy pictured playing in Finnish forests, taken in Suomussalmi, Finland.

    Brown bear

    Photo by Hannele Kaihola/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

  • 12

    Let Me Clear My Vision Red Ghost Crab (Ocypodinae sp.) seen adjusting and cleaning one of its eyes at the Frazergunj beach, in West Bengal, India


    Photo by Arkaprava Ghosh/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

  • 13

    These two monkeys broke away from their group to “test drive” a motorbike parked near the entrance to the reserve in Tangkoko Batuangus Nature Reserve, Indonesia.

    Vertebrate - YAMAHA

    Photo by Josef Friedhuber/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

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  • 14

    Burrowing Owlet embarrassed by kissing behind him, Salton Sea, California.


    Photo by Melissa Usrey/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

  • 15

    Fox cubs pictured playing in County Meath, Ireland.


    Photo by John Sheridan/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

  • 16

    Say Cheese! A fish at it’s home smiling to the camera.


    Photo by Tanakit-Suwanyangyaun/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

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  • 17

    Baby Dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius) pictured on the top of a yarrow flower in Monticelli Brusati, Italy.


    Photo by Andrea Zampatti/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

  • 18

    Two mudskippers sing their hearts out on tidal mudflats, taken in Krabi, Thailand.


    Photo by Daniel Trim/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

  • 19

    Japanese Macaque, or Snow Monkey seen at Jigokundani Monkey Park, near Nakano in Japan.


    Photo by Linda Oliver/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

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  • 20

    The Eurasian brown bear (Ursus arctos arctos) tried to hide in the bush for a quick tryst, but they were surely caught in the act.


    Photo by Bence Mate/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

  • 21

    American black bear (Ursus americanus) reaches back to rub his back against a small tree pictured in Redwood Meadows, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada.


    Photo by Chris Martin/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

  • 22

    Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) mother with cub hitching a ride on mama’s bum. Wapusk National Park in Manitoba, Canada.

    Polar bear

    Photo by Daisy Gilardini/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

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  • 23

    Raven teases the bear pictured in Kuhmo, Finland.


    Photo by Esa Ringbom/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

  • 24

    Mountains Gorilla is making grimaces, as he came out of the bush after the rain, in Virunga National Park, Rwanda.


    Photo by Josef Friedhuber/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

  • 25

    Blue wildebeest standing on a mound pictured in Masai Mara, Kenya.


    Photo by Jean Jacques Alcalay/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

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  • 26

    Mummy Brown Bear just wants some peace and quiet in Martinselkonen, Finland.

    Brown bear

    Photo by Melissa Nolan/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

  • 27

    Harbor seal looks to be getting a good laugh about something in San Diego. Titled as laughing seal – oh, i just got it!


    Photo by Brian Valente/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

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