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6 of the Best Places to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

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    A relatively new celebration by comparison, but Seattle knows how to party. The city is a sea of green as both pub crawlers and St. Patrick's Dash runners flood the streets. And, with it's incredibly Irish weather everyone will feel like they're on the emerald isle itself.
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    Chicago goes big on St. Patrick's Day by dying a RIVER green! That beats the hell out of drinking a green beer or six.
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    Savannah has a rich history of Irish citizens, and this parade has been going strong since 1818. The usually warm weather boasts quite a crowd during the parade and in 2012 they broke the 1 million people mark for the celebration!
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    Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's day in Cleveland, people swarm the streets and keep up a tradition that's been going since 1867.
    It's a big enough event that the Cleveland PD issued a statement on how not to get arrested on St. Patrick's Day.
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    First celebrated in 1771 Philadelphia, this St. Patrick's parade is one of the largest with approximately 20,000 people involved in the march. Philadelphia also celebrates a "St. Practice Day" bar crawl the weekend before, how awesome is that?
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    Maybe not the largest, or the oldest St. Patrick's celebration in the US, but it's the city you think about when you think Irish-American pride. Above all Boston knows how to have a wicked good time. And if you make it up there for the parade, try and check out a Dropkick Murphy's show as well.


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