What Do You Do If Your Daughter Isn't Ready to Let Go of Frozen? Dress Up as Elsa, of Course!

How much do you love your children?  Enough to dress as their favorite snow queen?

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    Hey Dad, I Want to Be Olaf!

    father daughter elsa olaf cosplay
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    Via wabbeyen
    You may have seen this "father of the year" floating around your newsfeed recently, but he's just the latest in a long line of parents who've been subjected to the reign of Queen Elsa for far too long.  This tattoo artist turned monarch was spotted taking his daughter to a Frozen sing-a-long event in London.

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    Everyone Dressed as Elsa Last Halloween

    Cheezburger Image 8368286208
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    Via okgasman
    Not to detract from that other dad's cosplay, but this Elsa dad had to wrangle 5 other little snow queens while maintaining his queenly stature.  

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    Even an Uncle Can Get in on the Action

    Cheezburger Image 8467252480
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    This little girl was reportedly too shy to wear her Anna dress alone on a trip to see Cinderella, but her awesome uncle stepped up to dress up with her!

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    You're Right About This, Idina

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    But the tyranny doesn't just stop at Frozen. Kids these days are cosplaying with their parents as all kinds of things:

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    Wonder Women

    Cheezburger Image 6000435456
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    A Pair of Vaders

    father daughter darth vader cosplay
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    Via Star Wars

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    Aren't You a Little Short for a Leia?

    Cheezburger Image 8245089536
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    Calvin and Hobbes

    Cheezburger Image 8368231168
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    Attack on Titan

    Cheezburger Image 8317733120
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    Wolverine and Tiny Wolverine (See, He Ages, I Swear!)

    Cheezburger Image 8232210432
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    Here He is With an Even Younger Version of Himself

    Batman - comics and babble gum cards AMAZING DEANTASY
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    Batman and Harley Quinn

    Cheezburger Image 8135343872
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    Via kamikame
    Batman's going to have to haul this one off to Arkham Time Out

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    Michonne and Walker

    Cheezburger Image 7169037568
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    Via Reddit
    Honestly, who wouldn't have loved the opportunity to walk around with their dad on a leash at some point? Wait, nevermind, that's super weird.

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    Space Marines

    father son cosplay space marines
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    Goku and Gohan

    father son goku gohan cosplay
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    Via twinfools

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    Mario and Luigi

    mario luigi father son cosplay
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