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93 Years Old Woman Knits Blankets For Shelter Cats

  • Emma Eng knits beautiful blankets. They’re perfect for any little ones in your life — especially little feline ones.

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  • The 93-year-old retiree donates her hand-knit blankets to cats at Seattle Humane in Bellevue, Washington,

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  • Eng, who lives in a nearby retirement community, wanted to help cats without homes feel a little warmth.

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    "Emma got the idea that she wanted to make custom blankets for her four-legged friends waiting for adoption," Pam McFadden, sales and marketing director of The Bellettini retirement home, told the King5 news.  

  • Eng has already knitted 40 of the cozy contributions so far. The donations help the kitties looking for homes, of course, but they also help Eng.

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    "It's something to do," Eng told the news outlet. "It keeps my hands busy and my brain engaged."

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  • The cozy blankets are well received by the cats

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    "That's exactly how cats see them. They're pleasure. They're warmth. They're everything."


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