20 Babushka Dogs Will Have You Smiling From Ear to Ear

If you aren't aware, the origin of Babushka is actually a headscarf tied under the chin, typical of those worn by Polish and Russian women, but it can also mean grandmother or old lady in Russian or Polish. So, enough of the history lesson. Lets get back to adorable dogs wearing these scarfs and looking like a Babushka! 

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    That face you get from your grandma when she says "Children, why don't you call Babushka more?!"

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    When you grandma is teaching you manners "In my day, we used to respect babushka! Now, bring that pizza down here"

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    Via dblrb

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    When grandma makes 12 salads, two main dishes and 3 desserts..."Babushka is tired."

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    Via SW721

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    When you take your grandma shopping "This is a beautiful new scarf!"

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    That look of..."You want to explain to me why you called your other grandmother babushka?"

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    When your grandma finishes cleaning the whole house and wants to play "What do you mean you need to leave? Don't you love your Babushka?"

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    When your grandma wakes up, but she still covers her head to look like a true babushka.

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    Babushka back in the day...

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    When babushka is ready to go out and wears eyeliner.

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    Portrait perfect Babushka

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    Babushkas' enjoying the winter

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    While some do not...

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    Via Echo_2

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    Flaunting her new scarf making her the ultimate babushka

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    Who wore it better?

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    Full on Babushka mood

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    The "Children, let babushka tell you her story."

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    Via ellen3

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    "What do you think of babushka's rosey cheeks?"

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    "Tell babushka whats wrong"

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    Via Powda_

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    "You already ate? Before you came to babushka's home? Are you trying to hurt me?!" Ya, that kind of look

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    When you find out there's a whole section on Reddit called Babushka dogs....

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    Via rachnroll

    check it out: Reddit

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