Musician on TikTok Makes a DIY Musical Around the Misogynistic Comments Men Leave on Her Videos


Released last year, it's called “Bad Apples” and it's by Emily Deahl. Shot on iPhone and edited with artificial intelligence, she played every single character. The song was inspired by the hate comments the musician gets on her TikToks and shows the struggle a female artist goes through just trying to express herself. Misogynistic men and women alike fill her viral videos with comments that body shame her, belittle her, and are just down right rude—but that doesn't stop her. Now, the artist/TikToker is going viral with her empowering feminist pop. 

“Bad Apples” combines all the characters from her other music videos and has them singing about the bigotry they experienced with their individual song. “I wanted to tell the story of how misogyny ultimately affects the way a woman sees herself,” she says. The video shoot was a long and grueling process, but ultimately it perfectly captures the online experience for female artists

Deahl also has been creating cool AF posters around these hate comments for her videos and turning these words that were meant to put her down into empowering headlines. Commenters love them so much, she's working on getting them printed to sell. 

She has several music videos already out depicting her struggling with the sexist commentary online and in the music industry in general. But “Bad Apples” gathers those thoughts all into one place, showing a long narrative of a strong woman being able to lift herself up with her art. The DIY musical is over seven minutes long, but it's worth every minute. 


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