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Japanese Designer Creates Beautiful Cat Furniture

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    Designed by Yoh Komiyama, the NEKO

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    The structure is made from wood found from the Hida region of Japan. The main cylindrical structure is composed of natural wooden slates, which allow playful patterns of light to flow through the gaps, as well as the option for cat owners to see and play with their pet. Yes, best part! 

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    The multi-story cat tree features an marble base, (perfect for any decor) providing a place for the cat to stay cool, and a hemp cord-covered central pillar for a scratching post.

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    Rinn has stated, that this mixture of marble and natural wood expresses a "cultural fusion between the wooden materials of the East, and the stone materials of the West." Inside there are three levels, gives playful kitties room to climb and explore, as well as a place to relax and snooze. 

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