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The Rusty-Spotted Cat Is The Smallest Wild Cat In The World

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    Rusty-spotted cats have short and soft fur. Their coat is grey with small rusty-brown spots on the flanks, back and head area.

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    The cat’s face has two dark streaks on each cheek along with stripes that extend from the eyes to the shoulders.

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    The rusty-spotted cat’s tail has dark rings and its underside is white with more large spots.

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    Rusty-spotted cats are known for their agility and are considered skilled tree climbers.

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    They generally spend the day sleeping in hollow logs or areas where there is dense foliage.

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    It is believed that they hunt on the ground during the evening.

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    Their prey consists mostly of small mammals, usually rodents, and birds. However the cat has also been known to feed on insects, frogs and lizards.

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    Researchers believe that when the cat is threatened, it will climb and hide in trees.

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    Female rusty-spotted cats will typically give birth to between one and two kittens, usually in a shallow, secluded cave.

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    At birth, the kittens weigh just 60 to 77 g (2.1 to 2.7 oz), and are marked with rows of black spots. They reach sexual maturity at around 68 weeks, by which time they have developed the distinctive adult coat pattern of rusty blotches.

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    It is not known how long the rusty-spotted cat lives in the wild. In captivity, the cat has lived as long as 12 years.

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    Watch the adorable rusty cat in action:


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