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This Redditor Just Opened an Awesome eSports Bar in NorCal

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    "Smash while getting smashed."

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    While it's still in its early stages, AFK Gamer Lounge may be part of a larger trend in the United States.

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    And no, that isn't a joke about the burgers.
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    In many Asian countries, PC and gaming bars are far more popular than they are stateside.

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    South Korea in particular serves as the Mecca for venues that merge gaming and nightlife, due in no small part to the common practice of such venues being directly funded by game development companies and sponsorship organizations.
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    In America, they have no such support system in place.

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    Rather than being funded by larger interests, American game bars are almost universally funded and built by a single person or small group with a persistent dream and a sizable list of loans.
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    People like /u/Kevthehumanboy.

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    Whether because they're stuck in the old ways, or they simply see it as too risky or costly an investment, gaming companies are more than content with simply making games without offering dedicated places to play them.
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    And who can blame them?

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    As long as they're reeling in massive amounts of revenue from DLC microtransactions, pre-orders, and digital distribution platforms, why bother with risky maneuvers like buying real estate, hiring construction crews, and obtaining liquor licenses?
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    Leave it to the little guys using Kickstarter to build the places from the ground up.

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    Or using Reddit.

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    However, companies not chomping at the bit to build up a gaming bar empire isn't necessarily a bad thing.

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    The inactivity of the big players leaves the door wide open for fresh faces to rise up and corner the market.
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    They can cater exclusively to their local market...

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    ... and follow the business model of overseas companies that came before them.
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    Because the demand is there. Oh, it is definitely there.

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    Social media is where the money's at these days. Just ask any big-name developer trying to shove always-online functionality and poorly-suited multiplayer modes down your throat.
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    Maybe try a little more "social," and a little less "media?"

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    After all, can you really go wrong with games and beer?

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    Hell, it's what you do at home all the time anyway, right? Why not showcase your skills in front of a crowd? Oh, and neon lights. I mean, come on.

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