19 Insane and Creepy Facebook Boyfriends Who Are Massive Red Flags

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    Nothing says 'true love' like a sheet of 2 inch glass between you

    Shoulder - Yesterday at 10:41 PM My man is sexier then yours +2 Like Comment
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    'The sex was sh*t'

    Text - RECENT ACTIVITY Bianca went from being Tn a relationship to 'ingle. Lks Commenc Hayden too much pot and ke video games 22! Are you fucking serious? Good luck finding a guy who will sit around doing nothing but sit around waiting for you because you were dumb enough to take 20 credit hours nd are always too busy studying to de ANYTHING fun. PS-Im GLAD you broke up with me, the sex was shit. about an hour ago Lke Youre breaking up with me because I 'smoke Bianca feel a thing. about an hour
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    Text - wow... I'm an asshole because I watched football all day!..goin Brandon out with my boys, gotta clear my mind. Yesterday at 12:01am Comment Like Tiffany Yesterday at 12:04am LOLOLOL WOMEN Brandon Tell me about it!!!!!! Yesterday at 12:06am Stephanie today and whereu all day Yesterday at 12:08am Ur an asshole cause my grandfather died .. Not with ur girlfriend... Thanks Lauren Yesterday at 12: 14am asshole Stephanie arms of my boyfriend and have him tell me that everything was going to b o
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    Uhh... That's sweet... I guess?

    Hair - Back to Messenger 5:09 PM 45% < Q Search 40 mins When you miss your girlfriend so much you go crazy....but you cut her hair and kept some so shes never really gone....
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    Defending his woman on Facebook

    Text - Ugh, the Daily Mail are just the worst Like Reply 15 hrs Male friend of girl that made the post Hide 12 Replies There are plenty of things that are worse, stop being melodramatic. Boyfriend of girl Like Reply 43 mins was just hyperbole, dude. Obviously there's worse things. Like Reply 38 mins Aye like creepy ass rudeboys Like Reply 26 mins l guess? Like Reply 24 mins Especially when they don't take the hint Like Reply 24 mins ??? Er....did I do something wrong? Like Reply 23 mins And it c
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    Text - Havent you got better things to do than creepin? Like Reply 14 mins 'm creeping? You're the one accusing me of shit. Man, you dont even know me and you're giving me shit? Please. Like Reply 10 mins You joking fam? This happens every time you creep your way on to a status and you still dont take the hint. Maybe too much time to focus on memorising lasses timetables to stalk them back in the day has permanently warped your thought process. Hop off badman. Like Reply 7 mins Bitch pls, stop b
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    'Nice guy' wants his payment.

    Text - David 3 hours ago What do good guys after being a great boyfriend? Nothing that is the answer. 3 likes 1 comment and 2 others like this. David Victoria You expected sex and im not gonna give it to u because im not ready your fucking forcing me And u making me seem like a bad person. Excuse me I havent got birthcontrol yet. You wanted a sex fling and I ain't down for that shit 3 hours ago Unlike 4 Jul 11 at 2:43 AM 1
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    "i have not heard from you in like 2 days"

    Text - r.i just want you to know that i'm breaking up with you dear because you aie an immature person without any sense of decency. the least you could do if you don't want to date me anymore is just tell me. and since i have not heard from you in like 2 days, fuck you and goodbye. you went from a warm heart to a cold bitch in less than 24 hours. congratulations. Like Comment 11 minutes ago near Chatham, NY rI didn't know that I was your girlfriend, but I'm sorry that it didn't work out 4 minut
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    Both the MMA fighter and the commenter are idiots...

    Product - Like Page 38 mins Porn star Christy Mack has been hospitalised with a broken jaw and eye socket after her MMA fighter boyfriend War Machine' found her in bed with another man.. Porn Star Christy Mack Battered By MMA Boyfriend War Machine' Uni Lad Las Vegas police are on the hunt for an MMA fighter who brutally attacked his... Like Comment Share Top Comments and 4,262 others like this. 513 shares Write a comment.. |Technically they were both just doing their jobs Like Reply1994 33 mins
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    Is this meant to mean that she's his captive?

    Tattoo - 30% 6:50 PM 4G 1 OKay i Jus+ 90+ this tatfor my woman. ANY NEGATIVE COMMENTS R MADE U WILL BE OELETEO 5 likes 50 commen+s
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    Jealous guy who had a one night stand with girl texts her new boyfriend...

    Text - N 58% 4:09 PM MORE Group conversation Tuesday, November 1, 2016 Hannah is cc'd. Disgusting she fucked a squid like you as I've been told by many the day before we stared dating but it is what it do your own thing and let us be. Your number etc will be blocked. Sad to see you were the last one Ted, all the best but hope I won't see you again MMS 6:07 AM She will be my wife despite a slip up like you before she met me but you've gotta get your own. Be easy MMS 6:10 AM MMS Hope the
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    Guy breaks up with his girlfriend indirectly on Facebook...

    Text - November 18 at 12:40am Edited After a little more than a year I have decided it would be best to break up with my lady friend| treasured the time we have had together. However, due to some inconsolable difference it is in fact best if we break up. I wish her well and It has been a fantastic year and I have think that the next man that finds her in his heart will be a lucky man. I would and for introducing us. | if you like to thank see this I hope that you find who you are looking for. Sh
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    'great guy' gets dumped.

    Text - ex bf i wish you were still mine : me u.u; i still cry as friends you can't tell me that stuff. Friends don't make each other feel bad its hard being just friends I know. But it's either this or nothing. Would you rather be nothing? iwould do so much for you if you let me in That's not fair for you to tell me that. The reason I talk to you less and less is because you make me feel guilty all the time I've been trying to be understanding. I know this is your first breakup and it's really h
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    Boyfriend on his girlfriends sexual assault...

    Text - 23 May Yesterday my girlfriend was sexually assaulted by what appeared to be a one of our community member refugees. She said to the police she'd like to press charges but I told them not to. She wanted to do so because of the colour of his skin (I think) and that's never okay. What he did was absolutely wrong but you need to judge the individual not the colour of his skin or his religion. He only put a hand inside of her pants and that's it I told her she should be joyful because he foun
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    Can you say 'abusive'?

    Text - e2 100% 3:37 PM Sprint Yesterday at 12:33 PM My fucking girlfriend, don't smell her unless you wanna loose your ability to smell. Don't sit next to her, skip two seats away & then sit your ass down . Don't bump into her" accidentally because I'm gonna meet your face accidentally too. Don't compliment her i know he she looks pretty already. Don't ask her no questions. Don't ask her for gum , they sell gum at the store for 35 cents. Don't call her your sister y'all don't got the same parent
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    Both of these two...

    Face - Cutest couples 10 hours ago This is my brother we are biologically related but our love is true! No one knows me better He's the best boyfriend / brother ever! We're victims of cSA (Cenetic Sexual Attraction), so please, keep the trolling to a minimum and I. Yes, We also occasionally have threesomes with our sister. Like Comment Share and 140 others like this View previous comments 50 of 2,274 God hates you the devil is inside your love 2 hours ago Like 2 No 2 hours ago Like NoNo
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    Passive agressive husband gets on his wife's Facebook account...

    Text - feeling excited. mins so im gonna wake up at 630 every morning. clean the entire house, do all the dishes make sure the truck is kept spotless keep up on laundry, get plenty of exercise everyday so my amazing, awesome husband doesnt have to work 60 plus hours a week to support us and have to come home and clean up after me im done being lazy and expecting him to do everything so i can sleep and go out and do whatever
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    Text - Nov 28 at 7:03am New York, New York Ladies, if you are walking pass a guy and he disrespects you saying he wants something, you should also tell a guy to worship your feet if he says something like that, put your foot in his mouth. Say guys needs to start at the bottom, work his way up and nothing in life is free!
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    Guy finds his true love...

    Text - 8 hrs EN-MSN-US-News I have found my new beautiful female friend, She made a mistake by playing with a hand gun and she is going to need a pin pale a person to write letter's to her, I wish i can find out what her first and last name is so i can write to her. now that this female lady is a convict that she and me have something incoming. I am a convict as well I have done prison time myself for being a arsonist This beautiful women is doing prison time for murder witch mean's that she is


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