Redneck Chick Gets Extreme Roasted On Facebook After Stealing Xbox From Best Buy

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    Mean muggin'

    Car - NBC4 LIKE PAGE Jan 30 at 5:15am LUMBI RECOGNIZE HER? Reynoldsburg Division Of Police say she, another female, and a man stole an Xbox console and a PlayStation console from the Taylor Square Best Buy before driving away from the scene in a rusty Honda Civic.
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    Text - O1.7k> Ryan Custer I'm guessing their next stop was the Apple Store so she could steal some iBrows 3.5k Like 21h Reply View 205 previous replies David A. Pierre Holly E Rodgers Steal thousands of dollars from a bank and you cant even make out their faces... Steal 2 video game consoles and you get a full body photo by a professional photographer! What is this world coming to? lololol 2.1k Like Reply 23h View 59 previous replies Jeff Lind Kristine new business move?...
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    Text - Holly E Rodgers All jokes aside, I think her name is Methany. Like 1.3k 22h Reply View 74 previous replies Karen Moore-Smith Holly E Rodgers o... Larry Walter Xbox AND a PlayStation? That's #ThugLife OBEY thug life warted
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    Text - Anita Correll I cut her hairand gave her eyebrows in case she in hiding 9:01 AM Aa Write a comment... GIF
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    Text - Nick Hetzer She LOOKS like a white girl buuuut I'm pretty sure she's Methican American 15h Like Reply 339 View 20 previous replies Maggie Swiger replied Billy Rhoads Boots with tha fur... Like Reply 23h 939 View 60 more replies Chantelle Kisor She hit best buy, next t... CHA MPI N Why did the Honda civic have to be rusty though Gwhat did it ever do to you!lol Love leasha Reply Edited 23h Like O826 View 27 previous replies GIF Write a comment...
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    Pink - Kyrsten Zimmerman Had to give her a shopping cart for all that merchandise! Write a comment... GIF
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    Text - Tamara Thoma Girl, stop mething around... She methed up this time. That's one hell of a meth she's in She looks a little methed up. She done methed with the wrong best buy. Like 20h Edited Reply O730 View 28 previous replies Arica Blankenship-Reed replied Evan Wyant I'm sure if police stake out all of the surrounding Starbucks theyll have her by this evening. 22h Like 528 Reply View 9 previous replies Michelle Valentine Starbucks is too hi... GIF Write a comment...
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    Text - Catlin Frazier The real question is who stole her eyebrows?? 389 23h Like Reply View 9 previous replies Craig Foreman replied Heath Mastroianni This reminds me of the Sasquatch walking in that beef jerky commercial COVE Reply Edited Like 22h 220 View 10 previous replies Mike Fultz replied Nick Thrasher I just keep scrolling hoping someone tags her. 22h Like Reply 437 View 15 previous replies
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    Text - Matt Short Let this be a lesson. You can rob a bank and they can't get pics if your face. But NEVER steal an XBOX They done got your whole body. And your fluffy shoes. Haha Reply Like 23h Edited e 217 View 12 previous replies Matt Short Steven Joseph its west side... Sheri Di Napoli That picture is so clear, she should make it her profile picture!! LOL- she can title it "Xbox Run " Reply 23h Edited Like D0 369 View 6 previous replies Sherri Hazelton Ernesto Ben Martinez So just a normal c
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    Text - Naomi Craig The moral of this story? You clearly have a better chance at getting away with robbing a bank than you do a Best Buу @ 23h Like 190 Reply View 1 previous reply Jeff Wiseman Sad but true lol Tom Watson I hate these security camera photos, they are always so fuzzy...that could be anybody. Like 23h Edited Reply D 349 Kelli Richardson I think she has extens... Kristina Jennings Thank god for the clear pic, the only other thing we'd have to go on is a II wth.. rusty Honda Civic" ..
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    Organism - BELVILLE Stan Belville She was later photographed walking out of a Tractor Supply in Lancaster where she stole some fertilizer and a money counter... 13h Like Reply 91 View 3 previous replies Donnie Spaulding Heh heh heh, for the... Matt Blaylock Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline. Like 164 22h Reply View 12 previous replies
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    Text - Laura Lynn Why hasn't Facebook recognized her and tagged her in this photo?? She was in such a hurry to steal she forgot all about her eyebrows, that must be why FB can't recognize her! Her mask isn't complete!! Nathan Lister Like Reply 19h 59 View 3 previous replies Erik Luna Meth is a hell of a drug... Greg Pierce This Reynoldsburg thief methed up.
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    Text - Jake Huber ok we get it they stole some stuff from best buy, but the real question remains....who stole her eyebrows?! Like Reply 71 21h View 6 previous replies Jake Huber Divina Jade Ron Petty She has the x box and the boots with the fur...the camera man was looking at Her! 00 71 Like Reply 17h View 3 previous replies Kristie Thornton Marshall LaSheena.. Kimberly Theurer Lol don't steal from a business that's sells such good picture quality security cameras
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    Text - Brock Burton Why can't the history channel capture pictures of Bigfoot with this quality?? Reply Like 22h View 8 previous replies Cari Hunt Because Bigfoot didn't steal... Caitlin Marie Estep Got a picture of "old rusty".... AND they parked in the handicapped spo... criminals. RST
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    Line - Camilo Navas Jr. No wonder she got caught, she was short handed the whole time!


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