Avengers Recap: Where Were All The Avengers Before Ultron

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    Iron Man

    After his near death at the Battle of New York, Tony Stark starts suffering classic symptoms of PTSD, including nightmares and paranoia, leading him to begin creating a small army of autonomous Iron Man suits. After Pepper is almost killed by the weapons he's creating, and he faces a villain created in his past, Tony destroys all of his suits and swears off his quest for safety and security.

    What to Expect In Age of Ultron: Something will re-ignite that fear and cause Tony to create Ultron as a potential global defender.
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    Captain America

    With Loki defeated, Captain America continued to work for SHIELD, where he often butted heads with Nick Fury of the secrets the organization kept. Both would soon come to learn SHIELD's biggest secret: that it's a front for Nazi splinter-group HYDRA. After dismantling Fury's drone striking airships, Cap takes down Hydra/SHIELD and begins a search for his newly re-discovered BFF, Bucky (Winter Soldier).

    What to Expect In Age of Ultron: He'll struggle keeping the large personalities of team together... Also, new BFF, Falcon:

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    Black Widow

    The consummate SHIELD agent, Natasha Romanov, AKA Black Widow, sacrificed the most when helping Captain America and Nick Fury take down Hydra. With SHIELD's secrets exposed, her violent past is now public record, but she ultimately learned to open herself up a little more to her team and friends.

    What to Expect In Age of Ultron: Natasha's murky past will become a little clearer, and it's probably not too pleasant.
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    Bruce Banner/Hulk

    Bruce Banner went to work with Tony Stark in the newly re-made 'Avengers Tower', where he presumably has been able to keep his Hulk raging under wraps. Why he doesn't help out in Iron Man 3, the world may never know.

    What to Expect In Age of Ultron: The Hulk is definitely going to lose control at some point. Will Banner blame himself for any death and dismemberment he may cause?
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    The god of thunder finally returned to his Earth gf, Jane Foster, after she touched a bunch of bad goo called The Aether (an infinity stone). After fighting some Dark Elves with the help of Loki, Thor renounces his claim to the crown and begins a life on Earth. The audience realizes, too late, that Loki has taken the crown from Odin.

    What to Expect In Age of Ultron: Something is going to drive Thor back to Asgard just in time for Ragnarok.
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    Hawkeye did nothing.

    What to Expect In Age of Ultron: Something! Anything!
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    Maria Hill/Agent Coulson

    For all you tens of people watching Agents of SHIELD, you already know, so this is for the rest of the world. After SHIELD collapsed, Maria Hill went to work for Stark but not before helping out Coulson's tiny team. Coulson's spent the past 20 episodes tracking down head Hydra baddie, Baron Strucker to a fictional country called Sokovia, where he is experimenting on powered people (Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver). Guess, it's time to send in The Avengers.

    What to Expect In Age of Ultron: Maria Hill will tie them together. Nothing from Coulson, but next Tuesday's episode could be interesting.


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