Ex Blockbuster Employee Shares His Hilarious Work Experiences During The Night Shift

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    Because people asked, my experiences in the video rental industry continues. This time, I thought I would talk to you about some “sexxy stories” when I worked at night.

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    People, in a rush to avoid late fees, would sometimes return the wrong tape inside of one of our boxes. It happened a lot. This time, a customer returned one of their "home movies" ????. We realized what it was because it actually was labeled "home movie" very sarcastically.  Later that night, the customer that it belonged to came in and whispered to me that we had a movie of his. I said out loud, "you mean the porno!??" His face turned beet red.

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    At one time, BB also rented out VCRs. They would sometime have movies in them when returned. One VCR in particular was returned with some clear gel on the buttons and the tape slot. There was also an unmarked video in it as well. None of us wanted to touch it. I think we threw it away.

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    This happened a lot. Parents would not pay attention and would end up renting whatever their kids put in their "movie weekend" pile. This one family's pile looked okay... typical family movies, then at the last second, their son runs up to the counter to add one more movie. It was "Return to Savage Beach" (look it up on imdb). I let out a snicker and said, "really, dude"? Son says, "yeah". I replied, "let's test this theory". I inform his parents what he was renting and if they are okay with it. Obviously, they said no. I admire the kid for his bravery.

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    Honestly, if I didn't get this question at least once a day, something was wrong. Interestingly, I think most of the men who would ask came from countries where pornography is banned.


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