20 Unfortunate Souls Who Got Roasted to a Crisp

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    Fashion - Idgafhonestly 45 points 1 month ago I would roast you but I'm afraid Kim Jong-un in the background will come after me for roasting his co worker HNarwhalKidd 10points 1 month ago you are a rejected Guitar Hero character design
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    Text - H schwifty97 164 points 1 day ago Quiet everyone, he can probably hear us talking shit H bshendy Protector of RoastMe 31 points 1 day ago Dewey from Maicolm in the Middle all grown up. /Roast Me H jamiereitz 1 point 1 day ago "HEEYYY YOU GUYYYYSSSSS" Goonies anyone? HSilentGuy Venfied Roastee 10 points 1 day ago Don't you have a trusty claymation dog sidekick named Gromit?
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    Hair - Hbracket 540 points 8 hours ago Love the matching teeth-hair color. permalink HOsimusFlux 17 points 2 hours ago She does have a golden smile. Roast Me lescareerz comment score below threshold (0 children) spentmiles 296 points 8 hours ago I bet that shower head gets a lot more action than your tooth brush. Cn H WouldYouTurnMeOn 172 points 8 hours ago The only thing further apart than your eyes is the distance between your teeth and a toothbrush.
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    Face - Roost ImUrMomsFav17 points 10 hours ago Point to the spot on this doll where the priest touched you Me
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    Forehead - H kennethjc 410 points 5 days ago Any word on Sister Act 3? NOTHER ONE r/roastme SCofficial PGI3 Pick Locks Get_Money Verfied Roastbeet 500 points 5 days ago You look like mid-evolution lil wayne The-Majestic 338 points 5 days ago You know its bad when you DJ Khaled is your musical inspiration theunbearableone 812 points 5 days ago For the last time, nobody wants a copy of your fucking mixtape
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    Smile - H 436743 1185 points 26 days ago Are you holding the handle of your gigantic toothbrush. permalink source embed save save-RES spam remove report give gold reply hide child comments ROAST ME
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    Forehead - 12:08 Friday, August 26 /r/roastme OutrageouslyOutraged Your eyebrows are actually bigger than your mustache. 491 points 4 months ago
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    Forehead - My dad turned out to be gay after being married to my mom for 25 years. Roast me better than my dad roasted my family. MEN H Celt 208 2398 points 14 hours ago Verified Roastee I mean can you blame him the only thing he got from fucking women was you.
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    Vehicle - Stonerlympics Google Docs arf Who lives the midgelite... keep calm and hold my balls 2/Prt HLiquor_Bush 2911 points 18 days ago I bet you meet a lot of dickheads being a dwarf and all.
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    Face - Hrubbernecker12794 3974 points Your nose has a nose
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    Selfie - ROAST Mex H noethos 464 points 5 months ago I didn't know a paint roller could be used to apply make up. H FetusChrist 578 points 5 months ago If she graduates at least one teacher is going to jail. H REKTONDEK 683 points 5 months ago No, if I roast plastic I'l release toxins into the atmosphere.
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    Face - I draw for a living. come at me scrublords submitted 18 days ago by perorate Vesfed Roasteel 606 ( ta 365 comments source share unsave hide give gold spam remove report nsfw flair show a HZippityZoppity approval monkey 1052 points 18 days ago Did you draw your face? permalink source save save-RES spam remove report give gold reply show child comments C/Moastme ఉక్తి
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    Media - My feminist vegan friend should be roasted like a pig submitted 3 months ago by V3NOM Venfied Roastee H Monkylord 1813 points 3 months ago You only deserve a 76% of the burns a man gets. H Pick Locks_Get MoneyVenfied Roastbee 718 points 3 months ago Looks like barbie spent too much time with the easy bake oven wi's dte abile s alyad's Rp e ckoastwe super_hot faya 2147 points 3 months ago When your feminist game is so weak that you have to show your tits in pictures... HNotDwayneJohnson 6
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    Forehead - Dillon Card This is what happens when you let fat white women sit on your face Jason Hunter Looks like the love child of Harry 20Potter and ice cube Valerie Herrington The only time she goes back after black. Immediately.
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    Skin - Riroastme Pick_Locks_Get Money Verified Roastbee 149 points 3 days ago You look like the girl who's dating the quarterback in every movie before 2005
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    Forehead - HbingbingMMapple 63 points 10 hours ago You look like a pissed off squash permalink save report give gold reply /roastme
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    Job - have fun fuckers (redupoads com submitted 21 days ago by madsuns ed Roasteel 640 comments source share save hide give gold aSTME HQuortek 3783 points 21 days ago "Have fun fuckers Things you've said to the football team. Things you've said at the family reunion. permalink source embed save save-RES report give gold reply hide chid comments
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    Forehead - Magajawn 507 points 19 hous ago I'm conflicted- the face says "punch me". But the polo shirt says "my dad will sue" permalink save report give gold reply ROAST ME
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    Hair - ROAST ME -SwixSwax 906 points 10 hours ago Your father never gave you attention, I don't see why I should have to. permalink embed save report give gold reply [-3GunGreg 415 points 8 hours ago Your outfit says: yes. Your face says: Ugh make it fast, the next guy is here in 10 min. permalink embed save report give gold reply
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    Face - 2 17 nxtzen 101 points 12 days ago |I didn't know Sid from Toy Story made it to highschool. Congrats!


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