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Frustrated Deers At This Japanese Park Are Biting Mostly Foreign Tourists

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    According to the Japan Times, The number of injuries caused by the deer in Nara Park hit a record 164 cases between April 1 2017 and January 31 this year, up from the 118 cases reported in the previous fiscal year.

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    80% of the cases involved foreign tourists - most of them Chinese. He blamed tourists' eagerness to take good pictures with the deer.

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    It seems like the deers appear to be growing increasingly frustrated with tourists who make them wait to munch on crackers while

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    Many tourists first lure the deer with shika senbei (deer crackers), which are sold in Nara Park. Once the deer approach, the tourists hide the snacks, making the animals wait as they attempt to snap photos.

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    Some tourists also anger the deer by climbing on their backs

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    The local government has tried to advise tourists on appropriate behaviour around the animals, releasing informational videos and posting 40 signboards in several languages around the park. But the effort appears to have fallen short.

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    The deer basically won't attack people unless we do something to them

    They are used to people. So, it's okay for tourists to feed them shika senbei in a normal way… but please keep in mind that they are wild animals.


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