45 Team Rocket Memes And Moments For The Pokémon Fans

  • 1
    Cartoon - Prepare for trouble, and for a dance! Fmwearing tights instead of pants!
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    Cartoon - team rocket, destroying gender roles since 1997
  • 3
    Cartoon - #3. There was something that prevented me from having friends when Iwas a little girl. It must have been your personality They roasted each other like actual long-time friends
  • 4
    Cartoon - When you and your friend are put in the same class Prepare for trouble And make it double
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    Cartoon - isetouttoservethelord Listen up, James. I hope you're good because I'm not going to carry you Allow me to introduce you to... James No one's carried me Since my momma seite: and then they proceeded to be the worst at their jobs for the next 20 years
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    Cartoon - Disguises There are good ones There are bad ones And then there are the ones that involve crossdressing.
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  • 8
    Cartoon - The girl thinks she's pretty 0agreewith her Othink shes pretty,toos Pretty pathetic phoenios Team Rocket burns you at the speed of light.
  • 9
    Cartoon - gnarly: ordering a cheese burger like: and make it double
  • 10
    Animated cartoon - Christa Lenz MISSING Hmm. This kid looks a lot like you. MISSING You think so? He looks pathetic That's what she means, James
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  • 11
    Diagram - Ash and Friends' Actions Throughout the Show Catching Pokemon Battling Gym Leaders Fighting Team Rocket Not recognizing Team Rocket
  • 12
    Text - Was James, from Team Rocket, the best Pokemon Trainer on the show? His tears can cause pokemon to evolve. He once caused a Magikarp to evolve into a Gyarados by kicking it. He actually asks his pokemon if they want to join him before capturing them. Plus he's a flamboyant crossdresser who unapologetically flaunts his stuff. Blast off at the speed of light you magnificent bastard.
  • 13
    Text - Hey Jessie, I got a question that's better I shouldn't ask Do you think wetregonna get a biggerpart in the next movie? The Pokemon script writers didn't give any fucks
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  • 14
    Cartoon - ..we're the ones poised to take those diamonds and pearls! That sounds like a good name for a game!
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  • 16
    Cartoon - MEOWTH A Pokemon dressed as a Pokemon surrounded by Pokemon trying to steal Pokemon.
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  • 17
    Cartoon - I don't get it, how did you three escape? That is a secret you will neverknow. The writers cant figure it out either.
  • 18
    Animated cartoon - TEAM ROCKET It takes serious talent to fail THHAT MUCH and still have a fan base
  • 19
    Cartoon - at a club some guy hey babe put your number in my phone *takes phone* me: me: *opens pokemon go* me *gives myself al1l the pokemon* *hands back phone and runs me: away* team rocket's blasting of me: again! GAGSBOX.COM
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  • 20
    Animated cartoon - レレmコンテスト
  • 21
    Cartoon - Nice driving I should get a license. grawly kootiepie saki-hyuuga gangbanglerfish WAIT, HOW OLD ARE JESSIE AND JAMES!???? James コジロウ Kojiro Jessie ムサシ Musashi James Jessie Age 15 (as of MO2) Age 15 (as of MO2) did some of you guys really think they were older than 18 what the FUCK
  • 22
    Animated cartoon - R mattsandy34 Team Rocket was trying to help Paras evolve and they let him defeat Arbok and Koffing to make him feel happy and I just think that's the cutest thing
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  • 23
  • 24
    Cartoon - CN l d If it's not on a plate, it can wait! cacnea: my new life motto tbh
  • 25
    Cartoon - nobody told gouto bring that heayg backpack and nobody told gou to bring that nasty attitude either, but Tm stuck with both lizdraws0428: save-your-money-baby: The comebacks are real.
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  • 26
    Cartoon - The girl thinks she's pretty 0agree with her 0think shes pretty,too Pretty pathetic phoenios: Team Rocket burns you at the speed of light.
  • 27
    Cartoon - IAM A FLAMING MOLTRES! Othink that costume came right out of his closet That outfit... Where'd he get it? waspmonolith: these lines were really aired on tv at one polnt i was there when it happened
  • 28
    Animated cartoon - Don't tell me now that youve grown to care for the boy! R
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  • 29
    Cartoon - I can't find anyone to love me just becausem mean and nasty and evil! [sobbing]
  • 30
    Cartoon - Excuse me, but do youhave an appointment? We have no appointment, but weve been having some trouble So prescibe us some ointment on the double! To protect us from all that chafing and itching. Itmight finally stop all of Jessie's.complaining Pokemon Season 4, Episode 167 Hassle in the Castl Poké
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    Cartoon - Perseverance They have it. Whenever you feellike givingup on something Just think about Team rocket They have failed so many times Yet they keep going. DRAGO don'tlet failure demolish yourdreams Teamrocket R Teaching mankind not togive up since 1996 MemeCenterae
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  • 35
    Cartoon - DOO DOO R nverts: you just rotated 180 degrees and your hair continued pointing in the same direction jessie how does your hair even work
  • 36
    Animated cartoon
  • 37
    Cartoon - Team Rocket's blasting off for good


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